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6 School Employees + 1 Doctor = Fake Prescription Drug Ring

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Prescription drug abuse is affecting many people in our nation right now, and it’s progressively getting more dangerous.  The disease of addiction does not discriminate and can even push people to go as far as creating a fake prescription drug ring. This was showcased in a recent report where a doctor and multiple teachers were involved in a scheme to possess prescription drugs, in order to feed their own personal addictions.

Fake Prescription Drug Ring

It might have come as a shock to many elementary school children’s parents when they first heard that prescription drugs were being obtained by creating a fake prescription as part of a well-labored contrivance led by a school teacher and her doctor husband in Rowan County, North Carolina.  It was later revealed that five additional school workers played a part in the scheme, which went on for about a year and a half.  The main teacher involved in the prescription drug ring was Abby Walker, a teacher at Bostian Elementary School in China Grove. Walker sought out professionals from other school locations in the county to fill a fake prescription of hydrocodone written by her husband, Dr. Orrin Walker, on multiple occasions. The other people involved in the prescription drug ring  included a teacher from Southside Christian Academy, an administrative assistant from McKnight School, and an additional personal friend.

Although all involved discussed their plans of getting the prescription drugs on school properties, police officials claim that students of the schools were not at risk.  With a miniature team created, The Walkers managed to obtain 25,000 prescription drugs from a fake prescription written 200 times. As the investigation continued, the couple landed Level III Trafficking Opiates By Possession charges, while the six others were involved in conspiracy charges.  Another consequence for the doctor was that his license became inactive.  He formerly worked at Main Street Family Practice.  Abby Walker no longer works for the elementary school either, as she was suspended in March during the police analysis.  The school has stated that she later resigned.  It was unstated as to whether or not the couple would be receiving legal assistance.  They declined commenting on the situation altogether.

Writting And Filling A Fake Prescription Leads To Jail

Though teachers and a doctor being involved with an illegal method of obtaining prescription drugs may come as appalling to many, prescription drug abuse does not discriminate.  The disease of addiction can bring people to lengths that make them ignorant to considering their career paths and any consequences that may result from them writing and filling a fake prescription.  Prescription drug abuse, which causes more deaths than heroin and cocaine combined, has become our nation’s new black plague. The only way prescription drug abuse can be stopped is if it is treated first. Filling a fake prescription is a serious matter, and life changing.  If you or someone you know is suffering from addiction, call The Watershed for help today at 1-800-861-1768 for treatment options.

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