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Fact Or Fiction: Internet Use Disorder

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If you are reading this, you may be at risk of a malady newly inscribed in the latest revision of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health Disorders (DSM-V). Internet Use Disorder (IUD) is now officially a “condition recommended for further study.” Basically, the manual reports that behaviors evident in people who struggle with drug addictions and alcohol dependencies are showing up in compulsive computer users and web surfers. The logical inference here is that the human brain can be reprogrammed by the user to be dependent on most any activity or substance. “Research has shown that people with internet addiction have demonstrable changes in their brains – both in the connections between cells and in the brain areas that control attention, executive control, and emotion processing. Most intriguing is the fact that many of these changes are what you see happening in the brains of people addicted to cocaine, heroin, bath salts, perscription drugs, opiates like oxycodone, and other substances.”

Am I At Risk Of Internet Addiction?

So what are internet addiction symptoms? To answer this question, it is helpful to consider a symptom checker guide. Most of the time, the telltale physical and mental signs mirror those who are addicted to various drugs and/or alcohol. Odds are that because our world is trending towards ubiquitous computer dependency, adverse “www” use, to the point of abuse, will become more and more prevalent. So what about internet addiction treatment?

Paralleling the prevention methodologies existing for overeating, IUD sufferers will have to learn self control and management strategies, since computers usage is about as common as eating food everyday. “Some studies have found that cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) might be an effective method to treat IUD. This form of psychotherapy teaches people how to replace the damaging thought and behavior patterns that plague them with healthier, more productive ones.” Another question worthy of pursuit is the one that asks: Can internet addiction lead to drug abuse?

Finding Help

As stated above, inordinate or excessive attention to any substance or activity will inevitably lead to a consequence of dependancy. If you exhibit signs or symptoms of abusing something, it is imperative that you seek medical and psychiatric help and counsel. Having an objective opinion can mean the difference between the life of drug or alcohol addiction and a life free from those things. Finding the right rehab and treatment program is something a third party can help with too. Call 1-800-853-1614 for guidance, counsel and advice for treatment options.

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