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Faces Of Meth: New Horrific Physical Effects Of Meth Abuse

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The intangible ravages of prolonged and uncontrolled drug and alcohol use are pretty clear, though not seen: arrests, incarceration, broken homes, broken families, orphaned children, deaths, heartache, heartbreak, sadness, helplessness, hopeless. These are only a few of the sometimes irreparable consequences and symptoms of untreated alcoholism and substance abuse. Now while you can’t actually see the action of destruction that follows the downward spiral of addiction, you can see the actual scars it leaves behind. A growing trend in prevention and recovery is documenting pictures of people who have been using narcotics for a long time. Specifically, the horrific images of people who have been on methamphetamines, Faces of Meth, for a while give a visual and visceral reminder that addiction’s imprint can be seen and felt.

Meth Abuse Physically Destroys In Short Amount Of Time

The physical effects of meth abuse are sometimes terrifying, as seen by the many faces of meth. Meth is recreationally used for the euphoria and stimulation it produces. However, the mind and body do not respond well to addiction and the visual results are staggering, if not macabre. Within a short time, even a couple of years, the physical effects of meth abuse take a toll on the body in an unprecedented fashion. First, the skin undergoes adverse transformations because of acne increasing and also worsening as use continues. Ugly scars and lesions appear as the result of the person clawing and scratching away bugs and other things perceived to be under skin due to uncontrolled hallucinations. Because the drug suppresses the appetite, malnourishment and lack of proper healthy nutrients lead to emaciation, and the user often appears years older than they actually are. In relation to this, tooth and gum decay become almost irreversible as the adverse and toxic chemicals in the methamphetamine concoctions wear down enamel, gums and getting high displaces common and regular dental hygiene. The many faces of meth abuse reflect a lifestyle that is not only derelict on hygiene, but also negligent on almost every other area too. Loss of jobs, arrest records, disheveled appearances, broken and irreparable relationships: the sadness and hopeless seen on the people’s faces of meth abuse reflects the end result of a drug addiction.

Recovery And A New Life Can Start Now!

When you see these pictures showing the physical effects of meth abuse, they should be an immediate deterrent to drug use. They are visual and tangible reminders of how out of control an addiction can get, and how the human body cannot withstand the constant maltreatment. The images are horrific, disturbing, and frightening: yet they reflect the awful reality of untreated substance abuse. The one positive out of this is that there is always hope and a way out of active addiction, whether to meth, alcohol, or any other toxic drugs. You can get on the right path and start a new life in recovery right now. There are people to offer help and counsel as to how to live a new way of life. Call us at 1-800-853-1614 if you or someone you know is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, it’s never to late to get help.

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