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Facebook: Getting Drunk In YoVille

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drunk in yovilleFor many Facebook and MySpace users, one of the perks of each social media network is gaming.

YoVille is one of the many popular 2D virtual world games. Developed by Zynga, a person can create and play with their own unique character on Facebook & Myspace. Some of the game play features include purchasing clothes, homes, animals, hairstyles and interacting with other people on a worldwide scale in the community. You can even go dancing, hang with people, and get drunk! That’s right, I said drunk! Age play varies from young children to adults; it is disturbing to know this feature of the game even exists.

Getting Drunk In Yoville

A few years back, a player could get "Dizzy" in the game by drinking certain beverages at the bar that resembled liquor. At one time, Zynga removed this feature with no real explanation, but in the last year or so, it appears the feature has made a comeback.

Some dizzy drinks include:

  • Blue Lizzy, Effects: Drunk Walk,
  • Bobs Bad Day, Effects: Floaters
  • Flying Bull, Effects: Get Wings

Players of all ages can party in a glamorous night club, wear fancy clothes, and consume drinks that can make you levitate, glow, or wobble. There are no age restrictions for entry, and certainly no bouncers. This alternate reality without restriction is not only intriguing for kids, but also very misleading.

Is the dashing chap at the bar a relatively innocent teenage boy? Or maybe a middle-aged predator, waiting for your child to get "dizzy" enough to reveal a phone number and address?

There are an estimated 140 million people with alcoholism worldwide; to a real alcoholic, or someone who is dealing with an alcoholic or addict, this isn’t just a game.

With a high population of child participants, is it really fair to show them that this is what drinking looks like? Our nation’s youth are participating in online games that encourage and glamorize drinking and partying; a message that translates to a juvenile that this unhealthy lifestyle is acceptable.

Ask the people who have had broken homes, twisted spirits, emotional bankruptcy, financial difficulties. Ask those people who are separated from their wives, husbands, and children. Talk to those who have seen the consequences of addiction through suicides, poor physical health, and overdoses. Did drinking do for them what it appears to do for the Yoville characters?

Here are some clips of what it's like to get "Dizzy" in Yoville.

Would you participate in a game that glamorizes drinking and the party lifestyle? Would you allow your child to play?

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