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Eva Rausing Found Dead From Drug Overdose

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Eva Rausing, the 48 year old billionaire, philanthropist, and wife of the heir to the Tetra Pak packing company fortune Hans Rausing, was found dead in the couple’s 85 million dollar mansion recently.  The cause of her death appears to have been drug overdose, even though Eva had recently had an addiction intervention.   Police found the body on July 9th after Hans was stopped by police officers for driving erratically near their mansion in south London.  Hans was arrested after police found drugs in his possession.   The couple has seen rough times recently and should have been more focused on their relapse prevention program.  Check out for information on planning an intervention.

Eva and Hans’ Double Life
The Rausing’s are among the wealthiest families in Europe and are basically royalty in both Sweden and the United Kingdom where they are close friends with the British Royal Family.  They are huge socialites and philanthropists that donate millions of dollars to charities each year.  However, they also have both struggled with drug addiction during their lives.  Hans actually met Eva at a drug rehab facility in the United States and the two ended up getting married.  Recently Eva was caught smuggling rocks of crack cocaine into an embassy in her handbag, which fueled the media to put a spotlight on the family.
The Ironic Situation
The Rausing’s drug problems have been well reported over the years and the couple has had a lot of trouble staying away from addiction.  Even though the couple met originally at a drug rehab facility, they both vowed to turn their lives around and get clean.  The Rausing’s became leaders in drug addiction awareness and donated millions of dollars to sober living programs.  However, while they were busy giving all that money to such a good cause, they were not living up to the standards they placed on everyone else.  They were secretly smoking crack cocaine and shooting up heroin for the majority of the time they were trying to advocate sober living facilities.
Suspicious Findings at the Rausing Mansion
It was reported by police that when they found the body of Eva Rausing it appeared that she had already been deceased for close to a week.  It is not officially known how long Eva’s body was lying on the bedroom floor of the couple’s mansion before the authorities found her, but it appears as if Hans may have known about her death and not alerted the police.  The cause of death has also not officially been declared, but all the evidence points to a crack cocaine overdose.
It is a shame that such powerful advocates of relapse prevention programs were in fact active drug addicts themselves. Eva Rausing’s death will hopefully serve as another eye opener that money can't always get you clean and sober and that sometimes romance in early recovery can hinder a persons recovery program.  Until authorities confirm whether or not Eva Rausing died of drug overdose, no one can really be certain she had slipped back into drug addction, but the signs are certainly pointing towards it. Check out for more info on relapse prevention.

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