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Emotional Hangover Cure After The Holidays

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After the holidays are over, many in recovery may experience what is known as an emotional hangover.  Unlike the effects produced from the night of a former active alcoholic’s bender, this type of disturbance can feel confusing because no substance was used to create the effect. Here are some suggestions to help you get over the holiday blues and cure that pesky emotional hangover for good.

Addressing the Emotional Hangover

Anger, fear, and jealousy can take any alcoholic and/or addict out – and for a heck of a wild ride.  These shortcomings can easily inflame when emotions are running high after the holidays. When your own character defects become actively expressed, it shouldn’t be a total shock that you are experiencing inner turmoil.  You may notice that an emotional hangover has distanced you from living in the present moment similar to when you had the obsession of alcohol and/or drugs central in your mind.  This causes you to be living inside your head and obsessive over negative thoughts of the past, present, and future.  Experiencing these overwhelming sensations can cause you to grow anxious, which may cause you to revert to old thinking patterns.  This is when you need to take a look at your needs and see if you are addressing them properly or risk endangering yourself and heightening your this emotional hangover to worsen your mood.  When your mood grows more unstable and mentality less secure, you become set off balance and you put your emotional sobriety in jeopardy.

Balance And Acceptance Is Key

Once you have discovered that a disturbance has manifested itself from the holiday frenzy after you grew unable to juggle as much as you thought you could in the moment, you will want to dig deeper into what the solution to this dreadful emotional hangover may look like.  Acceptance is truly the answer to all problems, so begin by earnestly approaching and admitting your own faults.  Reflect on any arguments or minor disputes you may have had involvement in over the holidays.  With the help of sober supports, determine the best course of action that will help reveal if you have done wrong and need to promptly reach out to these individuals and rectify the harm caused.  This could definitely be a major contributor to your emotional hangover.  Whether it is realized or not, when harm has been done to others, the guilt and shame can be stored within the mind of the alcoholic and/or addict, ultimately left to build up resentment towards themselves.  With this kind of emotional hangover lurking, the individual’s mind won’t be able to get that needed and well-deserved rest post-holidays.  To live in peace, an alcoholic and/or addict needs to clean up their side of the street.  Resentments will only keep the individual sick and pose the risk of drinking and/or abusing drugs again to silence them.

Are you concerned because an emotional hangover has thrown you back into active addiction?  Contact The Watershed for help today at 1-800-861-1768.  The disease of addiction directly attacks the mind and body from every angle, but there is hope for you to fully recover.

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