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E Cig: A Way To Quit Smoking Or Hollywood Trend?

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Besides sharing the limelight, a few celebrities share the experience of kicking a smoking habit using the same do-it-yourself nicotine rehab program. Britney Spears, Johnny Depp, Charlie Sheen, Paris Hilton, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Lindsey Lohan all have the e cig to thank for beating their smoking addiction. The battery-powered alternative to cigarettes has been all the rage since Depp used one in the movie The Tourist. Does this device answer the prayers of wannabe non-smokers everywhere? If you have exhausted all other ways to quit smoking, you may as well take a look at the e cig.

How The E Cig Works

It looks and smokes like a cigarette, and even has an LED light on the tip that lights up when you inhale. They have small nicotine cartridges, but don’t have tar, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and other toxic elements found in tobacco cigarettes. Different brands have different levels of nicotine in the cartridges, so individuals can wean themselves off gradually. You are also spared the infamous cigarette smoke odor that gets stuck in clothes, hair, fingertips, and pretty much everything else because the smoke produced is water vapor.

Can A E Cig Help You Quit Smoking

Just like alcoholics, smokers may have a difficult time giving up their habit for physical as well as the mental aspects of addiction. Manufacturers and advocates for the e cig say this smoking alternative makes the idea of quitting less daunting. You can quit at your own pace, and address mental and physical addictions separately. For example, people who choose the electronic method of smoking can still join their colleagues for a smoke break, or enjoy their ritual of a morning coffee coupled with a cigarette.

What Experts Say About Smokeless Cigarettes

The American Lung Association believes that it is safer to stick to credible, FDA approved methods to quit smoking. Since the e cig is a relatively new product, there hasn’t been enough study to make claims about potential health risks, or to qualify them as a quality method of nicotine addiction therapy. First, you should see your doctor or chosen physician to get a full examination of your individual health needs and discuss all your options.

Today, people are more informed than ever about the dangers of smoking. However, according to the ALA smoke related disease still affects around 443,000 Americans every year. That number includes victims of second hand exposure, as well as babies born with illnesses due to prenatal maternal smoking. If you are ready to quit smoking, the time is now! As with any form of addiction treatment it important to seek help; preferably not from celebrity addiction treatment trends. If you are thinking about quiting smoking or have decided you want to, it’s best to seek alternatives to help you detox from nicotine. Replacing one drug for another may not be the best option for long-term success of being smoke free.


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