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Drunk Driver Crashes Into Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Family’s Car

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Car accidents involving a drunk driver on the road unfortunately occur time and time again, but these incidents certainly come to light when someone like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s family gets injured as a result!

Drunk Driver Hits The Rock’s Family

Despite the renowned actor’s lead appearance in reckless driving-themed Blockbuster phenomenon, The Fast & Furious 6, The Rock’s reaction to a head on car crash was far from impressed.  The accident was due to a drunk driver whose name has yet to be revealed. However, the people in the car that was impacted head-on, were members of Dwayne’s immediate family.  The star was enraged, originally making the statement, “First reaction is to find the person who did this and do unrelenting harm to them.”  Considering the built-up size of the man and his known background in wrestling, it could have been a real threat until he calmed down to add, “But then you realize the most important thing is my family lived through this and we can hug each other that much tighter these days.”  It’s admirable that the man’s gratitude outshines his anger at the drunk driver who nearly claimed two of Dwayne’s family members.

The Drunk Driving Accident

It was on Saturday, August 2 in Cleremont, Florida that The Rock’s 65-year-old mother, Ata Maivia-Johnson, and cousin, Savelina “Lina” Fanene were on the road when the collision tragically took place without warning.  Despite the two requiring hospitalization, and Ata requiring a full three-day stay, both women lived after the disastrous crash.  It was later revealed the female drunk driver was speeding away from the cops when she ran through a stop light.  The Lake County Department confirmed that the officers had noticed the woman driving appeared to be under the influence, and went to stop her just moments before the crash.  It was during the woman’s attempt to avoid being caught in the chase when she smashed into Ata’s vehicle, which is thought by reporters to be the 2012 white Cadillac Escalade, which had been given to her as a present from her successful son.  Ata and Lina were not only innocent drivers on the road turned-victims due to the irresponsibility of the drunk driver, but they were also just coming from their annual charitable event, The Usos Foundation Banquet.  Dwayne made an additional comment to the public, “Hug your own family tighter today and be grateful you can tell them you love them.”

Drunk Driving Problem In Society

It’s disheartening to realize that in today’s society it’s a high risk for any individual to drive on the road, only because odds favor the fact that another driver in their vicinity is intoxicated at the wheel.  One of society’s greatest problems today is the fact that people continue to drink or take drugs and drive their vehicle.  Not only are they endangering themselves and any passengers that may be in their car, but they also put other drivers’ lives in imminent danger, as well as any passengers in their car.  It was reported in 2010 that nearly one-fifth of traffic deaths of children between zero and 14 years old were directly related to a driver under the influence of alcohol.  Those deaths of innocent children were completely preventable.  It is imperative that the dangers of driving under the influence continue to get brought to the public’s attention.  By stopping one drunk driver on the road, lives could be saved.

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