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Drug Rehab Programs Offer Online Recovery

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Interactive videos online is nothing new, but what about a drug rehab program that offers online recovery? There are several online drug rehab programs that have been surfacing in the past few years that promise long-term recovery if completed. The question that may weigh on the minds of many who have suffered the effects of addiction is, “If addiction affects the mind as well as the body, how can I trust myself or loved one to actually follow through?”

Online Recovery Pros & Cons

Pros Of Online Recovery

The cost is said to be less than attending a traditional drug rehab program. This would also depend on what program, how many times you sign up, and how long you stay on.

You control your recovery process.

You can fit your recovery to meet your schedule.

You can attend to your recovery in the privacy of your home.

Cons Of Online Recovery

As of yet, you cannot detox safely online and most addicts/alcoholics need a professional medical detox. For many drug addicts and alcoholics, death could occur if not properly detoxed.

You are in control of your recovery. Most addicts and alcoholics cannot recover on their own because of the physical craving produced by using or drinking. Once drugs and alcohol are detoxed from the system, the mental obsession becomes the problem. How will an online program stop you from picking up once either the craving or the mental obsession kick in? Will-power didn’t work before, what would be different now? From the experience of most addicts and alcoholics, physical presence (fellowship) of being around other addicts and alcoholics helps as part of accountability, responsibility, and the feeling of being safe in early recovery.

You can fit your recovery to meet your schedule which means you are not putting your recovery first. Anything put before your recovery you have the risk of losing. This includes putting job, home, kids, partner, friends, money; anyone can add to this list. When one puts their recovery first, it simply means that they are willing to do what it takes to stay clean and sober. Some examples are going to meetings even if they don’t want to, calling support even when they are busy, etc…many times an addict or alcoholic will make excuses as to why they can’t put their recovery first and as a result they end up losing those things they were trying to protect. The house goes, the job is done, the partner left, and the kids are resentful. This is not speculation; this is a harsh reality that many addicts and alcoholics face.

You will most likely isolate at home as a result of being able to do an online recovery program. You will find less of a need to attend a 12-step meeting, have a sponsor, work steps, or even join a fellowship of support. Rarely does an addict or alcoholic recover on their own; if they do, they may not be suffering from the disease of addiction and just suffer from a drug abuse problem or are a heavy drinker.

Online Recovery Conclusion

The disease of addiction is powerful and most addicts and alcoholics will fight to the bitter end to try to control their using and drinking. Many will also try every other way to stop drinking and drugging on their own with self-help books, change in diet or exercise, therapy sessions, or hobbies. All of these things can add to one’s recovery but alone will provide little help to one who is suffering from real alcoholism or drug addiction. What many don’t realize is that if they just took a month or even 3 months out of their lives to really put their all into a real treatment program and then worked a program of recovery outside of treatment, they would stay clean and sober.  Many would recover from drug addiction and alcoholism if they had the desire to put their all into their program.

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