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NIDA: National Drug And Alcohol Facts Week 2017

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National Drug And Alcohol Facts Week 2017National Insitute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) created National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week (NDFW) in hopes to raise awareness and educate people about the myths associated with drug use and alcohol. Schools and organizations across the nation put together community-based events to help spread the word. NIDA is working hard to encourage teens and adults to get the real facts about drugs, alcohol, and substance abuse from scientific experts in hopes to help save lives and prevent further loss to drug addiction and alcoholism.

What is National Drugs And Alcohol Facts Week?

How Can I Become Part Of The Solution?

Help The Watershed, NIDA, and your community by helping raise awareness about the facts associated with alcohol and drug abuse. Be part of the solution by sharing your experience with others, as well as the facts. Social media can be a great medium to share information; by sharing the facts you are helping shatter the myths about drugs, alcohol, and substance abuse.

Tweet about facts and share them with us and others, be sure to use NDFW hash tag #NDAFW, and include @watershedcares to share with us. We will retweet your facts with our community.

Test your knowledge about drugs, alcohol, and substance abuse with friends and family by taking the drug IQ quiz. Then share your knowledge with us, and others.

Share the Watersheds drug facts images on facebook, twitter, google +, and other social media outlets. Help us by spreading the truth about drugs and shattering the myths that are taking lives and destroying communities. Your word is important and means something.

Drug & Alcohol Awareness

Organizations like NIDA are really important to our community and those who are affected by drug addiction and alcoholism. We may not be able to cure addiction or alcoholism, but we can help prevent it and help those who are currently stuck in the grip of this deadly disease. We need to use our voices and actions to share with others the real facts behind drugs like alcohol, heroin, marijuana, synthetic drugs, and many other street drugs that are killing our friends and loved ones. This is not going to go away on it’s own, and without each of us standing up and speaking the truth, many others will suffer. We have the power to be a part of the solution by educating and arming ourselves with the facts about drugs. What are some drug facts that you would like to share with us?

For more information about NIDA and Drug Facts Week, please visit: National Drug & Alcohol Facts Week

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