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Drug Addiction Problems: Lies Addicts Tell Themselves

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At one point or another, everyone has told lies. People lie to get out of trouble, to get out of a traffic ticket, to get away with cheating, or to get something they want. But some of of the most dangerous lies are those involving addiction. Here are some of the most basic lies addicts will tell themselves, and others, while in denial of their addiction.

Drug Addiction Problems

Drug Addiction Probelms Lie #1 "It won't happen to me" 

It seems unfathomable that anyone would continue to use drugs and alcohol despite the negative consequences – loss of family, friends, livelihood, home, even death. But that’s addiction. It’s how substance abuse works. Without that denial, without its power to get people to overlook the facts and statistics and risks we’ve all heard since grade school, we’d never have another overdose death. Addiction does happen, though, and that’s because this disease is a liar. It takes promising, loving, talented, rational people and teaches them to lie to themselves about their substance use.

Social media posts following the recent death of a promising young TV star show that we still don’t understand how addiction works and powerful it can be. As people mourned Glee’s Cory Monteith on Twitter and Facebook, they questioned how it could happen or why anyone would ever use a drug like heroin. 

No one sets out to use heroin. No one calmly and rationally decides to become addicted. It happens thanks to the first and easiest lie of all: “It can’t happen to me.” We all believe we are immune, we would never make such poor decisions, we could never be fooled. But it does happen to people across the US and around the world every day.

Drug Addiction Probelms Lie #2 "I can quit whenever I want"

It isn’t about mind over matter, how strong or how smart you are. Addiction is a brain disease; it’s as simple as that. The drugs affect the reward center of an addicted person’s brain in a powerful way. That’s why, in the late stages of addiction, the drive for drugs can overpower every other drive, including the drive for basic survival. Relationships, career, even food and shelter take a back seat. The continued use of the drug becomes the most important thing, often without the addict even realizing it.

Drug Addiction Probelms Lie #3 "I can control myself"

When we see drugs make people do things we find incomprehensible, it’s important to go back to the scientific facts of the disease. Addiction alters the user’s brain and behavior. We expect them to see the devastation their drug use is causing and rationally determine to stop. But we forget that their brains have been altered to prioritize drug use above all else, making that sort of logical reasoning almost impossible.

Thankfully, treatment can help even the addict in denial see the truth about their drug addiction problems. The Watershed addiction treatment center in south Florida has various programs that have help thousands recover from alcoholism and drug addiction. Everyone deserves the opportunity to recover from susbtance abuse, even those who are in denial. 

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