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Drug Addict To Addict-Advocate

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Drug addiction and alcoholism affects thousands of lives everyday. Many addicts and alcoholics feel there is no hope in recovering from addiction and therefor may not even attempt treatment out of fear of failing. We here at The Watershed believe that every addict and alcoholics has the opportunity to recover, even those who have been to treatment before. Jason J., Watershed Alumni, shares his experience, strength, and hope with others about his experience with treatment and how this time it worked for him. 

Jason's Story of Recovery

Before I came to the Watershed Treatment Center, I was miserable inside and out. My whole life revolved around drinking and using because this was the only way I felt comfortable. I could not function at work and was on the verge of being terminated. I had shut everyone out including all my family and friends.

I had been to treatment before at another facility and I decided this time I would go and give it a real try. I opened the phone book and I saw a number listed as The Watershed. At first I thought it was going to be a fancy facility that I could not afford. When I talked to the person on the other end of the line, I felt like I was talking to someone who really cared and wanted to help me. I received real care and nurturing that I had never experienced before.

Today my life is beyond what I could ever envision. I go to twelve-step meetings regularly, and I have a sponsor that has taken me through the twelve-steps and helps me to continue my recovery. I have great friendships with others in recovery that always inspire me to step into the next evolution of who I really am. Now that I have been through treatment I see life from a different angle.

Life After Drug & Alcohol Addiction

Jason has been clean and sober since 10/25/2010; he more recently has been smoke-free since 10/17/2012. Jason is currently working here at The Watershed as an Alumni Liason, and continues to help others recover from addiction by providing his experience, strength, and hope. Last year, Jason took helping others to another level by advocating for equality in mental health treatment at the Patriots For Parity Hearing. Parity is a law that requires health insurance plans to cover substance use disorder and mental health treatment at the same level as any other medical treatment. To be able to work at the very treatment center he recovered from gives so many others hope, we are grateful to have him part of the Watershed team. 

If you or someone you love is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, please call contact The Watershed today at 1-800-861-1768



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