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Suburban Junkies: Prescription Pill Abuse Downgrade

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The California Watch, an online investigative reporting website, posted a helpful video titled “Suburban Junkies: The Privileged Young Heroin Addicts of Orange County,” made by the website in conjunction with a local radio station. This video documents some personal testimonies that recount some of the deaths due to overdoses among the youths of the genteel Californian community. The death of a friend, a daughter, and even of a survivor is chronicled in the video. These somber reflections recorded evoke great sympathy and should be rightly taken as warnings against recreational drug use. The subtle context which frames the stories can be quickly overlooked. The accelerated descent to hard drug use (I.V. Heroin, amphetamines, etc) is directly correlated to the re-formulization of prescription pain medications such as OxyContin and Opana (another opiate-based pain medication).

Escalating Problem Of Prescription Pills

The online article sums up in one phrase the escalating problem that re-formulization and also high prescription pill prices have caused: “The road from heavy prescription medicine usage to heroin addiction is short and devastating. And the road from addiction to overdose is just as brief and tumultuous.” Although we are starting to see the whole picture as far as the decline of prescription pill abuse, reports have made intermittently for some time now. One year ago, the NY Times published a helpful and explanatory article detailing the fallout concerning the re-formulization of highly addictive prescription pain medications. While the pharmaceutical companies have dealt a blow to the abusers of their products, in actuality, “drug abuse experts, law enforcement officials and addicts said the reformulation had only driven up interest for other narcotics.” This has been part of the problem in the Orange County deaths and in drug overdoses across the nation. The inflation in cost on the street of prescription pain medication coupled with cost-effective and user friendly alternatives like heroin has formed a lethal combination.

Treatment Stays In Tune With Addiction Trends

The complexion of the recreational drug scene is changing; in certain regions of the country a reversion to baser narcotics like heroin has displaced the pill frenzy that has corralled so many recreational drug users for the past decade. Professionals in the medical field that specialize in the treatment of addictions are always challenged to stay informed as to the pulse of whatever trends recreational drug users follow. Fortunately, there are facilities that do offer treatment options no matter the drug used or the situation one is suffering in. Addictions will resurface in many different forms and display many different functions. Even though efforts are being made to make prescription medications more difficult to abuse, recreational drug abuse will continue on some scale through different outlets. You need to be aware of the treatment options available for yourself or a loved one who is suffering and needs help fighting drug addiction or even alcohol abuse. No matter what the climate of drug use is help is always available and addiction treatment programs are working hard to ensure that patients will be equipped to handle whatever changes and temptations may allure them.

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