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Dion Jordan Suspended for Third Time after Violating NFL Drug Policy

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Dion-Jordon-NFL-suspensionDefensive end for the Miami Dolphins, Dion Jordan, will be forced to miss the entire 2015 season after violating the league’s substance abuse policy once again.  However, this time the star athlete states he did not abuse a substance.  His urine was said to be diluted, but this still constitutes as a violation of the NFL’s drug policy. This will be Jordan’s third offense.

Dion Jordan Gets Third Suspension

Problems began for Dion Jordan in July 2014 with performance-enhancing drugs.  This resulted in a league suspension of four games. He claimed he would be “undergoing treatment to address [the] situation,” and was sure to thank his coach Joe Philbin for being supportive during the difficult time.  This last suspension comes at a hefty price for Jordan, taking away $3,335,418 from his bonus, plus $2,275,209 for his overall salary for the year.  “We were disappointed to learn about Dion Jordan’s most recent suspension for violating the NFL’s Policy and Program for Substances of Abuse,” The Dolphins confirmed in a statement about Jordan, according to MSN Sports.  “A player’s health and well-being are of the utmost importance to us. We have made every effort to support Dion, both on and off the field and we will continue to do so to the extent allowable under NFL guidelines.”

Correlation between NFL stars and drug use

There seems to be an emerging trend that correlates drug use and NFL players. An example of this trend is Josh Gordon, Wide Receiver for the Cleveland Browns, who was suspended in February 2015 for a violation of the NFL’s substance abuse policy. Due to the intense pressure placed on professional athletes to perform well and avoid injury, it’s not entirely surprising that many turn to drugs to cope with the stress.

Maintaining professional career while laws change

Despite the legality of marijuana in some states, the NFL does not see this as a reason to alter their substance abuse policy.  Regardless as to whether a drug is legal or not, a drug is still a drug, and playing for the NFL is a professional career that doesn’t believe in drug use.  As for marijuana’s  medicinal purposes, since no medical professional has stated that marijuana treatment is the only viable option to treat pain, stress, etc., the NFL claimed it wouldn’t budge on allowing its players to use marijuana since it wasn’t necessary, according to CBS News.

The NFL substance abuse policy is clear and concise in promoting zero-tolerance for drug use.  Unfortunately, when respected football players like Dion Jordan try to beat the system by using diluted urine after failing drug tests in the past, there are consequences for their actions that include being suspended for the entire season.

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