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The Developmental Model Of Recovery

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Developmental-Model-Of-RecoveryTerence T. Gorski is an author best known for his work in relapse prevention guides and the management of chemical dependence workbooks. He explained that the Developmental Model of Recovery (DMR) consists of four major stages that represent early recovery, middle recovery, late recovery, and maintenance. Similar to Transtheoretical Model of Change (TTM), Gorski explores the progressive process of recovering from addiction.

The Stages Of The Developmental Model Of Recovery

In each stage of recovery, Gorski believes that there are tasks that are needed in order to continue on the path of long-term recovery.

Early Recovery

Early recovery, or sometimes known as discovery phase, is ground zero for long-term recovery. This is where you learn about addiction, treatment methods, coping skills, and steps that are needed for life-long sobriety. With the basic knowledge of the disease and the willingness to do something about it, little can be done until the first step is taken.

Early Recovery Tasks:

  1. Understanding and learning about addiction
  2. Becoming aware of your addiction
  3. Accepting that you suffer from the disease of addiction
  4. Identifying addictive thoughts, feelings, and actions
  5. Learning coping skills
  6. Developing a recovery centered value system

Middle Recovery

Once a person has really accepted the first step and processed feelings and issues in the early recovery stage, it is time to identify further and remove all things that are blocking the person from achieving long-term sobriety. Once these things are identified and removed and a new way of life is implemented, the late stage of recovery can begin.

Middle Recovery Tasks:

  1. Resolving the demoralization crisis
  2. Repairing damage of the past
  3. Building a strong foundation and balanced lifestyle

Late Recovery

Late recovery enables a person to dive even deeper into their past and work on any issues that may not have been worked on in the early or middle stages of their recovery.  Any childhood issues that you may feel are still blocking you from growing and healing in your recovery can be addressed further at this stage. This is where different therapeutic methods can be taken to help the addict or alcoholic remain on their journey of recovery.

Late Recovery Tasks:

  1. Acknowledgement of past issues that are unresolved
  2. Learning and processing family issues that may still play a role in your life
  3. Therapeutic examination of childhood and unresolved issues with family dynamic
  4. Identifying and practicing coping skills for self-defeating patterns
  5. Application and practice of appropriate emotional responses to living
  6. Changes in lifestyle to adapt to growth

Maintenance Recovery

The maintenance phase of the Developmental Model Of Recovery is a life-long process of physical, mental, and spiritual growth. Each person’s maintenance phase will be different depending on what trials and tribulations you may face, but one thing is for sure, if you practice a program of recovery during this process you will be able to continue on your journey through life sober.

Maintenance Recovery Tasks:

  1. ­The continuous action towards your program of recover
  2. The practice of day to day coping skills
  3. Continuous growth and development of oneself
  4. Healthy coping with life transitions and complicating factors

Recovery Is A Journey

Recovery is a 100% possible if you are open-minded, willing, and honest in seeking this new way of life. No matter what drugs you have done or how much you have done of them, recovery is still possible and can become a reality today. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired and doing it your way, allow us to help you reclaim your life. You deserve to live an amazing life sober and we want to help show you how. Contact us today at 1-800-861-1768. Your new life is just a call away.

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