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#DetoxMonday: Whatever

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detox-monday_whateverSometimes in life you just have to say “Whatever!”


It’s 100% Okay to just say “whaaaatever, it is what it is,” sometimes. If you can’t control it, fix it (the way you want to fix it), or figure it out, then it’s time to just let go.

Sometimes it’s really easy for me to just let go and give it up, other times it’s a lot harder. I’ll say it in my morning meditations and throughout the day, but connecting those words to the heart is where it can get tricky. When I absolutely can’t let go, I found inserting the words “whatever” helps.

It doesn’t mean I don’t care, it simply means I clearly care too much because I am allowing it to control me when I can’t let it go. It’s a good way to help those of us who always feel like we have to be in control of everything that happens, or doesn’t happen, in our life.

I have found (even though it sometimes is difficult to accept) is that I am not in control of the results in my life; I am simply in control of taking the action. And sometimes, my actions are just as poor as those results that I am also trying to control.  This can be hard for us to let go of too. It’s easier for me to let go of the things I really don’t have control over, but when I make a mistake in my actions or do something I am not proud of, it’s much harder. I have found that forgiving myself is the first step and after that, I have to just say “whatever, it is what it is,” and just change my thinking and actions moving forward.

Not all of our actions are bad actions in these cases, they just may not be the right ones and then we learn afterwards that they were a mistake. The problem with that is that it’s already happened and the consequences sometimes is just how it affects our thinking. So, if you have made a mistake or did something you are not proud of, whatever! You are human; we all make mistakes, and beating yourself up will not make any of it better. Take a moment to stop, reflect, mediate for the right course of action, and move on. You are not alone and we are all on this journey together.

Just for today, I will not beat myself up for my mistakes. I will allow myself to be human and when I can’t let go, I will simply just say “whatever” and move on with my day.

Written By: Watershed Ashling

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