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#DetoxMonday: Merry Christmas

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Merry christmas_Detox Monday_Blog“Never give up. Miracles happen everyday.”- Unknown

Merry Christmas

There is something magical about the holiday season, but sometimes it can get clouded from the struggles of the year. Many of my friends and loved ones have just been trying to get through 2015 – including myself. As Christmas approaches, I started feeling less inspired and found myself just wanting to move past the season entirely. I forget sometimes that I am a miracle and that I get to experience another holiday season clean and sober and loved.

You Are A Miracle!

No matter what, if you are clean and sober right now, you are a miracle. Life may not be what you want it to be, yet, but that doesn’t mean you give up. Life is all about experiences and sometimes we have to go through the struggle in order to see and feel the good. Year 3 in my recovery was horrible, but once I got through it and grew, it became the best year ever. Not because I got any material gifts or had things, but because once the struggle was over I saw how my Higher Power and how recovery really worked in my life. It was amazing and nothing short of a miracle.

This past year has also been one of the more difficult years for me in my recovery, and once again I hold onto the idea that miracles still happen, I can grow through this, and life will get great again. Life is about ups and downs, but as long as I never give up on going after my dreams, obtaining happiness, and allowing love and faith into my life, I know I will be OK. I know for me that my attitude is crucial if I want to be happy. Life is going to happen, but if I allow myself to drown in my sorrows, I won’t be able to see the beautiful miracles that are happening in my life at this moment. The most important miracle – my recovery.

In addition, as Christmas nears, some of you may be dealing with a loved one in active addiction. Someone who is struggling just to stay clean and sober. And even though you can’t save them literally, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on the hope that they will recover. I want to take a moment of silence with you all. A moment to pray for those still struggling in addiction. That no matter what is going on in our lives, if we are clean and sober just for today, another miracle has happened and we need to be grateful for this day. Let us bring our experience, love, and hope to others who are not where we are, yet. Let us show them that there is a way out of addiction and they too can recover.

Just for today, let me be grateful for what I do have and remember that I am a miracle. May I also remember to never give up hope for those that are still struggling.

Written By: Watershed Ashling 

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