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#DetoxMonday: Let Go

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detoxmonday_let-go“Let go, let God*.”

Let Go

It took me awhile to understand what that statement meant and sometimes still does. This is why it is also important for me to have sober supports in my life, so that I can be reminded when I need to let go and let God take over.

Let God

Letting go can sometimes be difficult, especially when there is action that has to be done. So many times when I am in fear or having to make some life choices that aren’t so easy, it’s hard for me to just let go. How do you let go when you actually have to take action?

Since this was such a confusing statement for me, one of my sober supports broke it down like this: You have to divorce yourself from the results, be calm, meditate, take it easy, and allow the answer to come to you. You need to listen to your gut feeling and pray through the fear. Ask God to remove the fear so that you may see clearly what you need to do. Do not allow fear to make the decisions for you. Let go of the expectation of what you think you know and how you think it should be and trust that God has your back. The only way to get over fear is to walk through it. Recognize that you will be uncomfortable and hesitant, but eventually, if you are quiet long enough, you will know what needs to be done and it is up to you then to take the action. What happens next may be totally different and better than what you have planned, but you won’t know unless you allow the process to unfold exactly how it’s suppose. Just remember to trust the process and let go of the control so that God can do the work.

Life can seem daunting and overwhelming no matter how much time you have sober. Life is not always easy and it’s difficult for everyone, not just alcoholics and addicts, but it can also be very beautiful. I have also learned if I want to be happy, I may need to let go of the things that are holding me back. It can be scary, but if I don’t let go of the old, how I can allow the new to come into my life? I have a tendency of holding on to old people, places, and things, because I am often afraid of the unknown and think that what I have is better than not having anything or not knowing what I could have. This is actually pretty incorrect based on my past experiences to be honest. The moment I let go of that place that was draining my soul, the boyfriend that was draining my happiness, and the expectation of how I think my life should be, was the moment that I found how amazing my life could be in sobriety. It truly became a life beyond my wildest dreams. So, just for today, really let go and let God. You never know what amazing things await you if you don’t let go first.

Written By: Watershed Ashling

*God can be any power that is greater than you. Spirit of the Universe, Higher Power, Mother Nature, etc


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