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A Medical Detox Alone Will Not Treat Drug Addiction

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detox-aloneTwo common myths that surround recovery from addiction are that either detox is enough or a 28-day drug rehab stay is enough. Horror stories follow many people who gain a small amount of sobriety and clean time, only to relapse soon after. Usually the people who are successful are the ones who are active in their program of recovery long after rehab.

A Medical Detox Is Not Enough

This process is best explained by the Trans-theoretical Model of change. This model walks a person through not only the progression of addiction, but also the maintenance and relapse prevention part of recovery. Rightfully so, a person living in an active substance use disorder needs more than just a quick fix to prevent relapse. Recovery from years of abuse takes time, and detox is just the beginning. The reason is because the problem is in the person, not the drugs, and the solution is removing the drugs so that the real work in recovery can begin. This is why the 12-steps are so successful after treatment,verses no action at all.

Getting ALL The Help You Need, Not Just What You Think You Need!

When treatment centers promise a light at the end of the tunnel, this is based on following through with the medical recommendations of the staff and doctors. Admittedly, there are certain cases in which people can simply walk into a detox and then live their life without the desire to pickup a drug or a drink, but these are rare occurrences and many die testing this theory out. The goal should not be to simply become abstinent, sober, is should be more about becoming joyous and living life with purpose.

Real Freedom From Addiction

When you stop to think about it, you have to put at least the same amount of effort into your program of recovery as you did in your addiction. An addict or alcoholic did not become addicted overnight and it’s unrealistic to believe they will recover overnight. If a few months are spent healing from addiction to obtain a life time of sobriety and freedom from drug abuse or alcoholism, isn’t it worth it?

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