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Dennis Rodman Denies Being An Alcoholic

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Despite recently checking into an alcoholic rehab center in New Jersey, former NBA star Dennis Rodman recently announced that he was not alcoholic. In a phone interview with the press this February, Rodman claimed that his decision to check into the facility was one he made to simply evaluate his life.

“I needed to decompress from all the things I was going through,” said Rodman. “I was trying to get this game going and get everything going in North Korea… It was a lot.”

The 52-year-old celebrity athlete went on to say that he was in control of his drinking, and therefore couldn’t be an alcoholic. “I’m not an alcoholic. An alcoholic drinks seven days a week. I don’t drink seven days a week. When I drink, I don’t hurt nobody, I don’t have no DUIs, nothing like that.”

Rodman’s alcohol-fueled outburst in North Korea

Just a few weeks before his rehab stint, Rodman lost his cool in very public fashion during a January interview with CNN. The former basketball player was visiting North Korea along other NBA colleagues as part of an exhibition tour. When asked about the detention of American Kenneth Bae, Rodman struggled to produce coherent thoughts, and verbally lashed out at CNN’s Chris Cuomo. Rodman ranted for several minutes during the televised spot, which ultimately turned into a PR fiasco. Following the outburst, Rodman’s agent Dennis Prince blamed alcohol for his behavior and said the star was embarrassed by his remarks.

Honest proclamation or denial?

Denial is a classic symptom of many afflictions, addiction included. In the well-publicized and oft-followed Twelve-Step Recovery program, the very first step to recovery is admitting that addiction is in fact a problem in your life.

Dennis Rodman denies being alcoholic, yet still elected to check in to rehab. Worse yet for Rodman, the events leading up to his elective rehab indicate more than ever that he does indeed have a drinking problem.

In his February press interview, Rodman said that while he’s no longer in in-patient rehab, he plans on returning to rehab every six months to “see where I’m at.”

Admitting your addiction

It’s been described as one of the hardest parts to recovery, but overcoming addiction starts with realizing and admitting that you need help. If you are battling addiction, or love someone who is, get help today. The Watershed staff is available 24/7. 1-800-861-1768.

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