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Demi Lovato Addiction Helps Ke$ha In Rehab (Video)

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Stories about Demi Lovato addiction hit the headlines everywhere back in December 2013, and now Ke$ha’s eating disorder is doing the same. Both artists spoke up and got help for their eating disorders, and now Demi Lovato’s addiction and past experiences with her eating disorder can help Ke$ha get through this rough time and make it through rehab.

Demi Lovato Addiction Problem

The 21 year old artist spoke out back in December about her dark days and struggles with addiction and mental health. Demi Lovato’s addiction took her to places such as self harm, eating disorders, drug abuse and struggling with being bipoloar. Today, Lovato is trying to be the best role model she can be and by doing that she is now reaching out a helping hand to Ke$ha, who is in rehab for her eating disorder. 26-year-old Ke$ha has embarked on a 30-day treatment program in Chicago, called Timberline Knolls, which happens to be the same rehab that Demi Lovato went to for her problems.

Demi Lovato’s addiction and recovery brought her to write a memoir about her life called, “Staying Strong: 365 Days a Year.” In the memoir, it states that Lovato couldn’t go more than a half an hour without cocaine, and she was using alone and miserable. Demi spoke out about her substance abuse and mental health, and recognizes that she suffers from the disease of addiction. She found a solution and is now helping many other addicts and alcoholics do the same. Lovato reached out to fellow pop-star, Ke$ha, and is interested in having Ke$ha join her as a celebrity spokesperson about eating disorders. The two stars have similar paths and have a great potential to inspire many people who are struggling world wide.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment

Demi Lovato’s addiction and mental health is unfortunately quite common with others who are struggling in the US. This is normally classified as dual-diagnosis, where a paerson is struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues as well. When a person is suffering from both mental health issues and addiction, admission into a substance abuse treatment center is strongly recommended. Here at The Watershed, we provide individualized programs to those who need help, including a dual-diagnosis program. If you or someone you know is struggling with substance abuse, mental health, or both, call 800-853-1614 today and get the new life that you deserve.


UPDATE: It looks like Ke$ha will be following her doctor’s orders and spending another month in treatment. The singer has already had to cancel a couple dates on her Warrior Tour due to her willingness to improve her health and take all of her doctor’s suggestions.

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