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DEA Releases Full List Of Drug Slang For 2017

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DEA-Drug-Slang-List-TWSThe Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Intelligence Report has released the 2017 drug slang list, or drug slang code words, for law enforcement, community officials, and the public. This list could help you identify drug abuse and drug sales in your community.

Some Popular Drug Slang

Amphetamine: Amy, Blue Boys, Cross Roads, Dominoes, Nuggets, Zoomers.

Cocaine: 777, Bobo, Big C, Coca-Cola, Coca, Galaxy, Dove, Milk.

Crack Cocaine: Devil Smoke, 501s, Bump, Candy, White Tornado.

Fentanyl: Chinese Food, Friend, Murder 8, He-Man, Toe Tag Dope.

Heroin: Aunt Hazel, Avocado, Brown Sugar, Dirt, Black Pearl, Blue hero.

LSD: Acid, Pizza, Wedding Bells, Zen, Pink Panther.

Hydrocodone: Bananas, Watsons, Tabs, Fluff, Hydro.

Ketamine: Blind Squid, Cat Valium, Vitamin K.

Klonopin: K, Pin, Super Valium.

Marijuana: 420, Mary-Jane, Popcorn, Flower.

MDMA: Bean, Skittles, Smartees, Sweets, Vitamin E.

Methamphetamine: Aqua, Soap Dope, Witches Teeth, Ice Cream.

Opium: Big O, Auntie, Pox, Zero.

Oxycodone: 30s, 40s, Buttons, Greens, OC, Oxy.

PCP: Angel Hair, Wolf, Heaven & Hell, Green Tea, K-Blast.

Percocet: 512s, Blueberries, Ercs, Kickers.

Xanax: Bars, Footballs, Zannies, Zanbars, Z-Bars.

See the full Drug Slang List here: Drug Slang Words 2017

Drug Slang

The DEA of course tries to keep up-to-date on the list of drug slang words that are being used on the streets, but since the trends are always changing and growing, it is impossible to keep on it at all times. Please educate yourself on these terms, and if you ever hear conversations or language that a loved one may be using that sounds like drug slang, please research it and seek help. Drug addiction can be treated and arrested and we can help. Contact us now if you have any questions or need assistance. Our lines are open 24/7. 1-800-861-1768.

Do you know of any drug slang terms that are not on this list? Please feel free to add in the comment section below. The more we know the better chance we have at combating drug abuse and drug sales.

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