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David Cassidy Going Back on Tour After Completing DUI Rehab

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As we see happen so often with celebrities who rise to success at a young age, David Cassidy’s life after leaving the spotlight has been anything but easy. The American heartthrob and star of the 1970’s sitcom “The Partridge Family” has battled financial instability and alcohol abuse issues which have come to light more clearly in recent years. But Cassidy is back on tour after completing a recent stay in an alcohol rehabilitation facility, and hopefully back on track for the long haul.

Third time’s the charm

According to the Daily Mail, Cassidy recently completed three months of live-in DUI rehab and nine months of alcohol education. That rehabilitation effort was mandated by a judge after Cassidy found himself in court for his third DUI charge in four years. He was arrested in 2010 for a DUI in Florida, and followed that up three years later with an arrest for the same charge in New York. His most recent regression came in January 2014, when he was pulled over after making an illegal turn near Los Angeles International Airport, and subsequently took a breathalyzer test that revealed his blood alcohol content to be 0.19 – twice the legal limit.

TMZ reported that with the completion of rehab, Cassidy was eager to be back on tour. In fact, he was already on the road during his progress hearing. Despite completing his rehabilitation program, Cassidy has 50 more months of probation before he is in the clear. The legal ramifications hanging over his head should be an ample reminder, but hopefully Cassidy has discovered a deeper motivation for staying dedicated to his rehabilitation. Just because the rehabilitation stay and alcohol education came from a court order does not mean that it cannot have a profound impact. Cassidy was actually already in the midst of a rehabilitation program when the sentence was handed down. It may turn out that this third arrest was exactly the wakeup call Cassidy needed to truly change himself.

Cassidy’s rocky road to recovery

Hopefully Cassidy is earnestly committed to his recovery, because things are not getting any easier for him in the immediate future. According to his manager, mounting pressure from a 2011 lawsuit between Cassidy and Sony over millions of dollars worth of unpaid royalties contributed to Cassidy’s relapse. The case seems to be nearing a resolution, although not the kind Cassidy was hoping for. An arbitrator only awarded him just shy of $158,000 and the two parties are due back in court this month. To make matters worse, Cassidy just filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, citing assets and debt of up to $10 million.

Finding lasting help

Although David Cassidy’s rise to fame makes his situation somewhat unique, his attempts to abuse alcohol to cope with external pressure are all too common. The road to recovery is not easy, but with the support of friends, family and the right tools, you can overcome addiction. If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse or alcoholism, The Watershed can help. Contact us today: 1-800-861-1768.


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