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1999 David Bowie Interview About Sobriety (Video)

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In a BBC Newsnight video interview from 1999, David Bowie sheds light on something that was dear to his heart – his sobriety. Check out the video below.

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1999 David Bowie Interview

BBC Newsnight (1999) Interview with David Bowie, by Jeremy Paxman

Jeremy Paxman: “At a personal level you don’t do drugs anymore?”

David Bowie: “No, absolutely not.”

Jeremy Paxman: “And you don’t drink?”

David Bowie: “I don’t drink either, no.”

Jeremy Paxman: “Not even a glass of wine or anything?”

David Bowie: “No, it would kill me if I started again.”

Jeremy Paxman: “What do you mean it will kill you?”

David Bowie: “I’m an alcoholic, so it would be a kiss of death for me to start drinking again. My relationships with my friends, my family, everybody around me are so good, and have been for so many years now I wouldn’t do anything to destroy that again. It is very hard to have relationships when you’re doing drugs and drinking, I found, for me personally, anyway. And you become closed off, unperceptive, insensitive…All the dreadful things that you’ve heard every other pop singer ever say. And I was very lucky that I found my out of that.”

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