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Instagram Tells Us To Get Help After We Get Bullied On Their App

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Urban Gang Cyberbullying Urban Stash Spot Clothing, a company that sells various styles of clothing covered in prescription drug labels, recently made the news for their horrific response to a mother who lost her son to a heroin overdose. When we heard of this story, we decided to write an article about it. We knew we would get some negative feedback from those who support Urban Stash Spot Clothing, and those who live the lifestyle. But what we didn’t expect was Instagram to stand behind them, when we were the ones being severely bullied.


After posting an image and a link to our article on our Instagram account, the comments came flooding in by the hundreds. Most of the comments are threatening, use vulgar language, and attempt to shame the addiction treatment field as well as addicts and alcoholics.

Here are just a few of the bullying comments that were posted on our page:

Christhekoala Don’t make excuses just because you were stupid with drugs doesn’t mean everyone is gonna be dumb as you with them. Plus these drugs are given to us by our own government…smfh, educate yourself. #urbangang

Stonedperceptions Blame the mother and the son. How are you going to bash a clothing line?? Makes no sense

Joeydworek Whoever owns @thewatershed should try doing some drugs. Sobriety got you wacked! It’s just clothing. Do you really think someone seeing #urbanstashspotclothing on the internet encourages people to do the drugs they put on their clothing? No. Just like being sober is a lifestyle so is doing the drugs. The intent is to have clothing people can by to support what they do. #thewatershed kill yourself.

Coreybruhbruh I sip lean everyday f*** a OD only dummies OD. #urbangang

Vincenzososa360 U wanna target #URBANSTASHSPOTCLOTHING just because a dumb muthafukka decided to do heroin. That’s his dumba** fault, not Big Bro fault! Blame the kid! Cause any muthafukka that does drugs just because he heard about it and seen it is a dumb muthafukka! #URBANGANGOVAEVERTHING

The trail of upsetting and abusive comments continues here.

After all that abuse, these individuals, who refer to themselves as #urbangang, reported our post to Instagram. We felt that since our post was not threatening in any form, did not break any rules, and also promoted awareness about drug abuse, we would be fine, but what we received from Instagram was nothing short of upsetting.

From: Instagram
Sent: Tuesday, August 11, 2015 3:41 AM
Subject: A Message From Instagram

Members of the Instagram community have raised concerns for your well-being after seeing posts you’ve shared. We’re reaching out to share some information about substance abuse with you.

Narcotics Anonymous provides support to individuals suffering from drug abuse:

The Instagram Team

On one hand, it’s nice to see Instagram has a system in place that reaches out to those who might need help, based on anonymous tips.

On the other hand, thanks, but no thanks, Instagram moderators, for ignoring the hundreds of people who bullied and threatened us, and instead suggested we seek help! Had their moderators for 3 seconds actually reviewed what we post on our account, maybe they would have felt it was their responsibility to suspend or delete the accounts of the “urban gang”. Or better yet, take up the torch against all bullies using their social platform.


What if someone who is already insecure, depressed, and considering suicide receives this level of bullying… could this type of blind, impersonal, emailed response from Instagram drive them over the edge? If you’ve ever read the news, the answer is an obvious – Yes.

The lackluster, and frankly, insulting response from Instagram opened our eyes to the need to continue to talk about and address the prevalence of online bullying when you stand up for something you believe in. In another article we published, I Was Cyber-Bullied on Yik Yak for Being Sober (Images), we can clearly see that this is an issue we need to raise awareness of, in order to help break the stigma of who and what an addict/alcoholic is. The louder we get about this subject, the less taboo it becomes, and the more lives we can save from drug overdoses, alcoholism, and suicide.  Addicts and alcoholics are real people, too, and our lives matter!

Do you have a story that’s similar? We want to hear from you. Share you experience in the comment feed below. Let’s help stomp out bullying and help save lives together!

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