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Common Myths About Drug Detox

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There are many myths out there regarding drug detox. Drug or alcohol detox is a vital part of the recovery process from an addiction. Because of this and the fear of the unknown surrounding detox many myths have been floating around regarding the actual process. Often addicts will use detox as the excuse to not get help, claiming that they will be unable to go through it. Others are just not fully aware of what happens during the detox process. Detox is necessary for any rehabilitation to occur, however an addict must have a positive attitude regarding their own recovery in order for success to be achieved.

Drug Detox

Detoxification allows an individual to come off of a substance. Detox is necessary because often time’s chronic use of a substance builds toxins in the body. These toxins must be released before any real work in rehabilitation can be done. Because the body has grown dependent on the drug it also means that detox is accompanied by some very uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous symptoms. This is why detox in a medically supervised facility is safest and best, there, proper medical attention will be given as well as access to a caring professional staff.

Common Myths

Some of the most common myths regarding detox include the myth that medication will ease or even take away withdrawal symptoms. Another myth claims that drug rehabilitation is not needed in order to detox. And perhaps the most dangerous myth states that physical detoxification is all that’s needed in order to recover. These myths although containing some truth are not entirely accurate and are sure to lead to relapse if taken at face value.


Medication can be used in order to make some of the withdrawal symptoms tolerable. This all depends on the drug of choice as well as the dosage and duration. Medications may include anti nausea meds, non-narcotic sleep aids even meds such as Suboxone or methadone do not completely erase the symptoms associated with withdrawal. This is one of the primary reasons that detox should be conducted in a medical setting. If medication is needed it can be administered and monitored.

Drug Rehabilitation

Although drug rehab doesn’t start until the detox process has been completed, those that try to detox at home or on their own are often unsuccessful. After going through at home detoxification for a few days a user’s tolerance will go down, as will their resolve. This can lead to relapse as well as overdose as their tolerance is not as high. In addition to the dangers of an overdose, there are medical parameters to take into consideration. Detox raises the blood pressure; if someone has a blood pressure issue to begin with it could prove very dangerous. Detoxing can exacerbate certain situations, which is again, why medically supervised detox is best.

Detox Is All You Need

This myth is dangerous, it’s true that medical detox can break the actual physical dependence that the body has built up on the drug of choice, and it doesn’t treat the underlying condition. There is a psychological dependence that has been garnered on the drug and that must be treated. Often times there is a co-morbid diagnosis such as depression, anxiety, or even an eating disorder. For this reason rehabilitation is needed. This will get to the underlying issues and help an addict relearn how to live without self-medicating.

These myths regarding drug detox or alcohol detox are very dangerous. They can lead to misinformation and even relapse if taken seriously. This is why it’s so important for an addict to get the help and support they need from family, friends, and medical professionals. Only then can the recovery process begin and can they get their lives back on track.

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