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Colorado Recreational Marijuana Sales Surpass $5 Million In First Week

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Colorado recreational marijuana stores are open for business, and within the first week, they have already exceeded $5 million in sales. Owners of the 37 new recreational marijuana dispensaries are reporting “making a lot of green for their green.” Colorado is the first state in the US to sell recreational marijuana to adults who are aged 21 or older. The state expects their annual sales to reach at least $600 million in combined retail and wholesale recreational marijuana sales. Although the state won’t have its official glimpse at sales figures until mid February, they are shooting to collect around $70 million in tax revenue from their weed sales this year. “Pot Stocks” are booming!

Colorado Recreational Marijuana Sales Booming

On New Year’s Day, which was the first day that the pot shops were legally allowed to start operating, their overall sales were above $1 million. To this day, customers are still waiting in lines that go out the door, just to get their hands on their legal pot. Andy Williams, the owner of Denver’s Medicine Man dispensary, explained how every day he’s been in business so far has exceeded any other business days that he has had previously as a business owner. Under the Colorado state law, residents of the state are legally allowed to buy up to one ounce of recreational marijuana in a single transaction, while tourists are only able to purchase up to one-fourth of an ounce. Despite the great business these dispensaries are receiving, federal laws against the matter present obstacles to the state’s retailers. According to the Justice Department, the legalization laws in Colorado and Washington state won’t be challenged as long as the states avoid selling to minors, smoking and driving, and out-of-state sales.

Recreational Marijuana Addiction

Although pot sales and use is legal in some states and is becoming more socially acceptable, there’s still one problem that many people don’t realize. Marijuana is a drug and can easily be abused, just like alcohol or any other substance can. Americans don’t understand the major risks that come into play with recreational marijuana sales: high driving, lung problems, brain damage, depression, anxiety, addiction, underage consumption, schizophrenia, mental health problems and paranoia. The controversy regarding whether marijuana is a drug or a natural plant is still a matter of debate amongst US citizens, but the reality is that people do in fact become mentally and emotionally addicted to pot; marijuana addiction is real. Although there are no physical withdrawals from the drug, there are many emotional withdrawal symptoms that come into play once the pot is taken away. Ultimately, someone who is struggling from the disease of addiction may become addicted to anything they use and makes them feel better inside. We at The Watershed want to hear your thoughts and opinions on this controversy: Is marijuana a drug or not?

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