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Ohio State University Opens Collegiate Recovery Community

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In the United States, addiction to drugs and alcohol is becoming more than just a problem, it’s an epidemic. The drug overdose percentage seemingly increases by the day. The more the disease of addiction kills people, the more people living in recovery need to speak out and try to save others’ lives. Yes, for decades we have had detox centers, drug and alcohol treatment centers, and halfway houses – but now we are seeing the emergence of sober high schools and college programs. This news is thrilling to those in recovery; more and more schools are slowly starting to recognize and participate in the recovery world. One such school is Ohio State University, who is starting their very own Collegiate Recovery Community. Go Buckeyes! 

Ohio State Collegiate Recovery Community

Results from a recent poll indicate there are an estimated 950 students at Ohio State University that are living in recovery. College life can be difficult for someone in recovery, due to all of the drinking and “party life” that is advertised as a widely-accepted part of the collegiate experience. Not only is the social perception of being sober on campus difficult, but living comfortable and secure enough to be able to succeed academically is challenging as well. So in the spring of 2013, Ohio State University instituted an exciting new program called the Collegiate Recovery Community. This program provides the recovering students not only a safe place for them to call home, but an environment that can offer them encouragement and life skills. Headed by the Ohio State University Student Wellness Center, the Collegiate Recovery Community is designed for students who are active in their recovery. However, whether they are going to have required clean or sober time to enter the program has yet to be determined. What they do know, is that they are aiming for the Ohio State University’s recovery community to be for only those recovering students who are serious about their program of recovery and want to make a successful future for themselves. They are aiming for the opening of the Collegiate Recovery Community “Residence Hall” to be completed and opened by fall of 2014.

Ohio State University and the Student Wellness Center are deeply involved with the planning of the departments and components of their Collegiate Recovery Community. So far, they know that it will include:

•    On-campus 12 Step and support meetings
•    Social events
•    Community service opportunities
•    Leadership and professional development
•    Academic advising
•    Workshops centering on life skills
•    A 28-bed Recovery Residence Hall (fall of 2014)
•    Annual orientations
•    Opportunities for contact with Alumni in recovery
•    Family weekend

Ohio State University’s Student Wellness Center is requiring a formal application for both the Collegiate Recovery Community and the Recovery Residence Hall (Fall 2014). The Student Wellness Center and other volunteers are holding fundraisers and events to raise money for the opening and ongoing funding of the Collegiate Recovery Community.

Collegiate Recovery Communities Nationwide

Many other schools, like Ohio State University, in the United States are paying closer attention and offering programs for their students in recovery as well. Almost two dozen schools, and the number is increasing rapidly, now have comprehensive recovery programs for those in recovery and who are battling addictions. Here in south Florida, at Florida Atlantic University, they offer alcohol and drug counseling to those struggling with their addictions, and there’s even talk about a sober dorm. In Minneapolis at the Augsburg College, they maintain a “vibrant recovery community” of 83 students in recovery, and rising.

If you or someone you know is still suffering from their addiction and needs to get help before thinking about going to a recovery school, The Watershed offers the help and support you need to get your life back. Call us now!

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