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College Binge Drinking Leads To Alcohol Enema

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A recent and bizarre story concerning the dangers of college fraternity life surfaced over the last few weeks. A University of Tennessee student of the Pi Kappa Alpha house was admitted to a local hospital to be treated for alcohol poisoning. The student’s blood alcohol content (BAC) was “well over” 0.4. This is encroaching on the limit the body can filter, which basically means the student was fortunate to survive the ordeal. The unique part of this story is that the poisoning occurred in an allegedly unconventional manner. Hospital staff doctors believe the student became intoxicated via an alcohol enema, or “butt chugging.”

Truth Is Always Stranger Than Fiction With Alcohol

Anatomically, the lower intestines absorb nutrients directly; therefore anything entering directly in will be introduced to the blood stream considerably faster than the natural course of ingestion. It would seem initially strange to read a story like this, but reports have surfaced over the last several years of alcohol poisoning in the most aberrant ways, including vodka tampons. As revolting as this report is, this is the reality of insane behavior and the potential prequel to a life of addictions. The possible alcohol enema dangers always include death.

Alcohol Can Be A Gateway Drug Too

College drinking statistics always reveal how careless students can conduct themselves when partying with beer, wine or liquor and how dangerous and life-threatening it can be as well. Binge drinking carries with it not only the concern of overdose but it can also lead to sexual assault because of the compromising position inebriation leaves a person in. The national attention the case at the University of Tennessee is raising awareness of the dangers of fraternity hazing and the substance abuse issues that college students can face with little prior exposure. Not surprising, the student hospitalized for the alcohol enema has subsequently denied the allegations of willful alcohol abuse in the manner which the media reported. The stigma which accompanies not only the student and the school, but the incident is again, aberrant: it is outside the normal conventions of substance abuse, but does validate the indiscriminate nature of addictions.

The consequences of the fraternity’s unconventional binge drinking methods ended with the house property manager promptly evicting all the Phi Kappa Alphas from the premises. Most likely, the owners were taking extreme precautions lest something terrible happens in the future; the worst news for the business would be an alcohol enema death. The University of Tennessee is a popular university for several reasons, sports, education, and the college party atmosphere. College drinking will always be a prevalent part of the student body’s life, and the Greek life in general. University officials all over the country have been affected by the news of the putative alcohol enema, and the incident has not surprisingly raised the right kind of preventative awareness to be wary of possible poisonings and overdoses.

College drinking parties and binge drinking in general can lead to alcohol dependency and even other drug addictions. If you or a loved one has struggled with these issues, call 1-800-853-1614, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for help and more information.

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