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College Basketball Coach Remembers Overcoming The Adversity Of Alcoholism

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It is the time of the year again for college basketball, and in this highly competitive world that garners media attention, stories about substance abuse get more coverage. Nine years ago, the destructive nature of alcoholism surfaced with the resignation of Iowa State’s mens head coach Larry Eustachy. A rising star among head NCAA men’s hoops coaches, Eustachy’s struggle with an alcohol addiction surfaced to public attention when he was photographed drinking with college students at parties on two separate occasions. It was quickly revealed that the basketball coach was not only high profile in the sports community, but also at that point a high functioning alcoholic.

Getting Help For Alcoholism

After seeking addiction treatment at an alcohol rehab, and has not mixed basketball and alcohol in a long time. After coaching eight successful seasons at Southern Mississippi University, Eustachy was hired this year as head men’s basketball coach at Colorado State University. A recent interview with the Denver Post reveals parts of Eustachy’s journey from alcoholism to recovery and his efforts to share his strength and hope to his players, whether or not life’s adversity is on the court or off. Steve Barnes, Eustachy’s longtime friend and the team’s Director of Player Personnel, remarks how encouraging it has been to see his friend take responsibility and ownership of his actions that could have destroyed his career: “…he held himself accountable, rather than blaming others. He’s persevered and that’s helped make him a better coach.”

I Am An Alcoholic

Eustachy says that the public exposure of his alcoholism was “the best thing that ever happened to me. I don’t think it was by accident. I think God had everything to do with it. I think it’s a part of my road. I would not change a thing. I’m the most grateful guy in the world for what has happened. I had to get down to the bottom to realize I had an issue.” Eustachy is faithfully involved in 12-step recovery and believes that alcoholism is a “progressive disease.” Eustachy’s story includes all the different people who helped minister to him his first years in sobriety in Mississippi and his gratitude for the people that helped him, as well as all the people encouraged by his determined example to set the wrongs of his life right.

Finding the right game plan to compete with substance abuse and alcoholism is imperative, and getting the right coaches around you is an important first step. Please call us for information on how to win the game against alcohol and drug abuse at 1-800-853-1614.

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