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CNN’s ‘High Profits’: Cannabis and Capitalism

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CNN recently aired an 8-episode series called “High Profits” that focused on cannabis entrepreneurs Brian Rogers and Caitlin McGuire as they started the first marijuana business in Colorado in 2009 called Breckenridge Cannabis Club. The documentary follows them as they transition from medical marijuana sales to recreational sales, including an in-depth look behind the scenes of one of the largest money making industries.

High Profits: Breckenridge Cannabis Club

When the documentary began filming, retail marijuana sales were unfamiliar to both Rogers and McGuire.  The first episode covered how the couple began the process of starting their marijuana dispensary business, which they explained included them undergoing inspection by officials, getting background checked, and gathering required materials, like the plant.  In the series, Rogers claimed, “We wanted to show America [through the documentary] what’s going on behind the scenes in the marijuana industry.  It’s normal people in a normal business. We really wanted to show people it’s not as scary as everyone thinks.”

Rogers and McGuire completed their first legal transaction of marijuana for recreational use in their store on January 1, 2014.  Even though marijuana is prohibited by federal law, it is permitted to be sold and purchased in Colorado by cash only.  Within the first four hours of opening day, the couple’s business made a $15,000 profit off of recreational marijuana sales.

Impact of Marijuana Legalization

Dan Skye, who is Editor in Chief of the popular publication, “High Times,” commented about why individuals may likely be drawn to Colorado. “This is a major tourist hub for the state, so you know you have all these people from all over the country coming here when they go back to their home states and tell them what was going on in Breckingridge – I tell ya – it’s just more money for Colorado,” said Skye.  People tend to view Colorado as a stoner destination  because marijuana is easier to access than ever before;  now it’s about as simple as buying a bottle of water.

Effects of Marijuana

The other side of this controversial debate about marijuana legalization, is the simple fact of how it may affect our bodies, our youth, and addicts/alcoholics who are either in or out of recovery. Just because you can buy it legally doesn’t mean it’s any safer than before.  Consumers should still be cautious about marijuana use, since little research has yet to be conducted, due to  federal prohibition.

Drugs, like marijuana, can impair a person’s ability to make good decisions and can cause various health issues if abused .  When substances like alcohol and marijuana are made legal, it doesn’t mean they aren’t potentially hazardous to the body or that they can’t enable a person to cause harm to others. Just like any other product on the market, it’s also up to the consumer to make sure what they are ingesting is safe. If you have a drug or alcohol problem, or other health issues that marijuana could affect negatively, it’s best to just not use the product – it’s as simple as that. So be smart and safe when making the decision to purchase any substance that may place you under the influence. Your health and life may depend on it

Are you unsure if you have an addiction to marijuana? Please click here for more information. Addiction is a brain disease and if you suffer from it, you can become addicted to pot. Know the facts; it could save your life!

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