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TEDx Video: From Prison To Capital Hill | Christopher Poulos

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Christopher Poulos has overcome a tremendous amount of obstacles, which include family tragedies, losses, addiction, homelessness, and ultimately his sentence to federal prison. Featured in a recent TEDx talk, he spoke about his recovery and how he would not let addiction or his circumstances define him as he climbs his way up to Capital Hill. This is his story.

Christopher Poulos | TEDx Video

Poulos’s efforts focus around preserving equal rights under the law, ending mass incarceration for offenses committed under the influence of a disease, and questioning the collateral consequences that tens of millions of Americans with criminal convictions currently face. These are all major obstacles that make it difficult for someone who has done time in prison to fully rehabilitate and return as a regular member of society. We can’t break the cycle of addiction and repeat incarcerations if we don’t take an active effort to change what clearly is not working.

The experience, strength, and hope that Chris Poulos brings is that no matter how far down you have reached bottom, you can not only recover, but you can live out your dreams, too.

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