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Chris Bauer: True Blood Actor Opens Up About His Sobriety

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Chris Bauer from True Blood, an alcoholic? What?! In today’s time, it’s not unlikely to hear of well-known Hollywood actors and actresses abusing alcohol and drugs.  It seems that more celebrities  in recovery are speaking out, which is helping break the stigma of what addiction looks like. Bauer, who plays Sheriff Andry Bellefleur on HBO’s True Blood, is the latest actor to open up about his “decades-long” experience with drugs and alcohol.  With the actor describing his previous self as “a slow-motion catastrophe,” fans were quick to open their ears and widen their eyes for the full story about his recovery.

Chris Bauer Addiction History

Now with seven years clean in recovery, the 47-year-old actor has admitted that him having a single drink is about as crazy as the idea of Bigfoot.  Chris Bauer claims he has always struggled with drinking, recalling his first encounter with alcohol to be at the age of 14.  “I drank to change how I felt inside, and that’s basically a one-way ride to oblivion,” he shared.  Many addicts and alcoholics could identify with this being a method to control their emotions, which ultimately brought them in the downward spiral of addiction.  This proved true for Bauer, as he explained that by the time he was an adult, he had already experimented with other drugs like marijuana and cocaine.  He went on to add that he would take whatever anyone was offering.  Entering the spotlight in Hollywood only broadened the ease of his addiction.  Bauer claims it was never difficult for him to scrounge up any drugs.  Despite this, he had a preference for alcohol, which took him to his lowest of lows.  He spoke in detail, “I went from being the life of the party to not being able to make it to the party. All my energy was going into covering how drunk I was, how hung over I was or how quickly I could get out of a situation so I could go have a drink.”

Denial and Impact of Addiction

Bauer goes on to say that he was in denial of his alcoholism for a while.  By taking care of his two children, Beau and Mercy, he convinced himself that there was no real problem.  According to Chris, “I realize that just because I put bacon and eggs on their plates doesn’t mean they were getting what they deserved from me.”  This hadn’t quite gotten in his mind yet at the time.  It wasn’t until 2007 that a statement he said himself about being drunk and not caring caught him off guard.  This made him uneasy about his intake of alcohol, just as passing out from drinking vodka and waking up to see his 5-year-old daughter confused, had.  Bauer went on to say that he did not want to be the kind of father that wasn’t “present.”  The greatest impact came from Laura, his wife for nearly two decades, when she told him that she was concerned about his choices.  She told him that he had to clean up his act or she would take their children and leave.

There Is A Solution

For Chris Bauer, there was only one thing left to do: seek help.  By meeting sober supports and joining a 12-Step Fellowship, Chris sought to abandon his old way of life and in place, entered a world of recovery.  Bauer says he got sober after the filming of the pilot episode for True Blood, and he hasn’t looked back since.  In addition to getting sober, he had focused on his physical health, as he lost weight, monitored his blood pressure, and dropped his cholesterol.  All of these positive aspects that were a result of him getting clean were nothing compared to the joy he claims he found in life.  Bauer confirmed, “I have been incredibly blessed. And now I wake up in the morning and smile before I even have a chance to think.”

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