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Child Endangerment: First Grader Brings Grandma’s Heroin To School

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A Pennsylvania first-grader grabbed his grandmother’s brown bag of heroin to school instead of his packed lunch, and started to give it away to at least one other student, authorities report. As a result of this incident, child endangerment charges are being brought up against the grandma.

Child Endangerment

Pauline Bilinski-Munion, the 56-year-old grandmother, was arrested with child endangerment charges and drug offenses two days after the incident, according to the district attorney’s office. Tom Hogan, Chester County, Pennsylvania District Attorney, has expressed serious concern over the recent events, stating Monday, “Any exposure to heroin for a young child is likely to result in death.” Hogan further went on to say, “The (grandmother) is lucky that she was not responsible for the death of her own grandson or somebody else’s child.”

Victoria’s Secret Is Out

According to police reports, the grandmother was babysitting her grandson and a 1-year-old baby in Modena, Pennsylvania. Apparently the grandmother had lost track of her heroin; the next day the boy was discovered with the bag at school with the words “Victoria’s Secret” written on the heroin packets. One other child was caught having obtained a bag of heroin with the same ‘Victoria’s Secret” wording – the 7-year-old’s classmate.

The district attorney’s office is in outrage over not only the offense that took place, but the vagueness and tardiness in which the school had notified parents and professionals of the drugs that were found on the students.

“The school district didn’t call 911, didn’t call the DA’s office, did not freeze all the kids in place, they did not call in emergency personnel to check all the kids to make sure they were OK,” said Hogan. “They did not check to see if there was heroin anywhere else around.”

 Child Endangerment & Heroin Addiction

Drug abuse among teens has become more apparent in the last decade, but children abusing or attempting to use drugs has brought the drug problem we are facing to some serious light. This situation should not be taken lightly and they are lucky that no children were killed in this situation. Ignoring this problem will not go away and the more awareness we raise on the drug addiction problem this nation is facing, there more we can do to help stop incidents like this from happening.

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