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Chiara de Blasio YouTube Drug Abuse Confession

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Chiara de Blasio, daughter of New York City’s Mayor Bill de Blasio, has come out in the open about her struggles with chronic depression and substance abuse. Chiara’s confessional video went viral on Youtube on Christmas Eve and is really making waves. In the Youtube video, not only did Chiara give all the dirty details about her disease of addiction and depression, but she also mentioned that the hardest thing she has ever done was getting sober. Luckily, her family is on her side, loving and supporting her with open arms. Chiara de Blasio now has the opportunity to inspire millions of people and maybe even help break the stigma of addiction. 

Chiara de Blasio Overcomes Depression & Addiction

Until the Chiara de Blasio Tells Her Story Youtube video, Chiara’s past struggles with addiction stayed out of the public eye. Now that her sobriety is out in the open, her parents are very inspired by how much strength and maturity Chiara is showing. In the video, Chiara de Blasio shared about her clinical depression that dates back during her whole adolescence, where she used alcohol and  drugs to fix it. Chiara’s father, Bill de Blasio and his wife, have been attempting to protect their beloved daughter by helping her privately while she went through an outpatient treatment program. 19 year old Chiara is now a brave woman who has committed herself, to her own well being and health, and to helping others who may be struggling with drug abuse, alcoholism, and depression.

Chiara touched on a few very important things in her Youtube video: She stated that getting sober was a positive thing; she wants to celebrate her recovery out loud; and she wants to speak out about her recovery because she knows that people are dying from this disease everyday. Gil Kerlikowske, The White House Drug Policy Director, is praising Chiara de Blasio for her Youtube video and definitely believes that it may correct the misinformation and stigma of addiction. It’s unfortunate that many Americans still believe that the disease of addiction is a moral issue that is constructed by bad choices and crime, but in reality this is a disease with no cure and can often be fatal if not treated the right way.

Depression and Addiction Treatment 

Chiara went to an outpatient addiction treatment program that helped her overcome her battles with substance abuse, and depression. An outpatient program is just one of the many programs that The Watershed offers to its patients as well. Addiction can be a tough thing to battle and learning to cope with depression and addiction can often be difficult if you don’t get the proper treatment. There may be no cure for addiction, but there is a solution, and by getting help through a substance abuse treatment center, there is hope in recovery long-term.

If you or someone you know is struggling with the disease of addiction, speak up and save a life. Call 800-853-1614 now and start 2014 with a new life.

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