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Charlie Sheen Pays Lindsay Lohan’s Debt, Lohan Gets Arrested

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In the quasi-mythical world of celebrity responsibility, sometimes conditions are just right for altruism to seep through the almost impenetrable veneer of self-centeredness. When two trophies of media fodder who normally grace tabloid headlines with references to alcoholic episodes, drug induced nocturnal ventures, or simply a general observation on their continued descent of a debauched slide into further depravity, curiosity is raised but without surprise. Conversely, when a normally narcissistic personality extends a selfless hand, surprise is justly warranted, however skeptical the sentiment that arched eyebrows raise. This is exactly the kind of surprise that has reverberated through media channels when it was reported that Charlie Sheen had sought to alleviate some of the problems that Lindsay Lohan’s addiction had caused her. Sheen has reportedly gifted fellow perpetual drug and alcohol reformer and all around self destructivist Lohan with $100,000 to help pay off back taxes.

Consequences Of Rehab Negligence

Drug rehab and arrest stories that include celebrity addictions often collide with the names Sheen and Lohan. In most recent headlines, Lindsay Lohan was arrested for assaulting another woman at a nightclub around 4:00 AM last night in West Palm Beach, Fl. Interestingly enough, Sheen appears to be playing the role of a Good Samaritan in partially bailing his fellow Guild member out of self-induced debt. The two social time bombs worked together on the film set of Scary Movie 5 earlier this year, and Lindsay Lohan’s addiction problems did not keep her from filming a well-received biopic on Elizabeth Taylor recently released. With all her prior experiences with alcohol rehab facility, you would assume she learned a little from helpful and rational counseling advice to get herself circumspectly in order. Her earnings from these last filming ventures must have been enough to take responsibility of her back taxes, but apparently not, because in a twist worthy of the fiction they live in, Charlie Sheen of all people helps pay a debt.

Celebrity Responsibility?

On the surface this may seem bizarre, but contextually it makes sense, and is an encouragement to see a report that Sheen acted in the interest of someone other than himself. Lindsay Lohan’s addiction problems and other legal issues have racked up an enormous amount of debt and back taxes are just part of it. Lohan reportedly communicated this to Sheen, no stranger to how exorbitant drug use and substance abuse tends to exacerbate all other aspects of life, and he generously lend a philanthropic hand. While the scale of money being thrown around is incredible, hopefully this act of kindness is a positive harbinger for both drug embattled celebrities.

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