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Change Is Good Celebrates One Year: Before & After Addiction Images

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July 1st, 2014 celebrates one year since The Watershed launched it’s Change Is Good campaign.

One year ago, we asked our recovery community and supports to share with us their before and after images; a real depiction of what life was like in active addiction with drugs and/or alcohol, to what it is like living clean and sober today. We continue to have such an amazing response to our Change Is Good campaign; we wanted to share even more with you since we’ve last posted our #Changeisgood: Before & After Addiction Images blog article.

We are so very grateful to all of you who participated, and continue to participate, in helping us spread the word that recovery is reality for those suffering from addiction.

If you are interested in sharing your #changeisgood image with The Watershed, please go to our Facebook page and private message your #changeisgood image. We will then share your image on all of our socials: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Goolge +, Tumblr, and Pinterest.

Help us break the stigma of addiction by showing others that change is good and we do recover from addiction!

Change Is Good


Melissa clean & sober and rocking it out!


Sober and happy. Scott before and after.

change is good

Krystal had 60 days when she shared this image with us in 2013. Awesome!


Cory celebrated 1 year sober back in May!

TWS_Heidi_K_change is good

Heidi K., #sobersince 08/16/2012.


Jaqueline clean, sober, and loving life. Thank you for inspiring others.


Sober since 6/2013. WTG Jerrad!

TWS_Lisa-change is good

Lisa keep up the great work in helping others see there is a way out of addiction.

TWS_marissa-change is good

Marissa shines with recovery. WTG!


Alissa is glowing in her after photo. Amazing!

TWS_Ash_change is good

You rock Ash! Amazing before and after photo.


Ashley, what an amazing change. Awesome!

TWS_Brandon change is good

Brandon shines in recovery. Keep up the great work.


Ashley is an awesome example that recovery is possible.

TWS_change is good before after photo

Megan #sobersince 06-20-2012.

TWS_elizabeth change is good

Elizabeth had only 60 days when she shared this image with us on January, 2014. WTG!

TWS_change is good-Kashara

Inspired by Kashara! Over 2 years sober one day at a time.

TWS_change is good Kelly

Inspired by Kelly, before and after image. Thanks for sharing, keep them comin’.

TWS_change is good-Lindsay

What a change! Clean and sober over a year. Thanks for sharing Lindsay!

TWS_change is good-Mike

Mike has been clean and sober for over year! You rock!

TWS_change is good-Lori

#changeisgood Lori, had celebrate 90 days clean & sober when she shared this photo on September 13, 2013.

TWS_change is good-Marylou

Thanks for sharing Marylou! Coming up on 2 years sober.

change is good rachel

Thanks for sharing Rachel. You inspire others!

change is good before after addiction

Clean & Sober since 1/4/12! WTG Kayla, you rock!

TWS_change is good-Mary

Inspired by Mary! You rock.


Jessica has been sober since 12-20-2009. #Changeisgood!

TWS_changeisgood_angel_l_03-22_9 years

Angel has been sober for 9 years. WTG!

Want to continue to see more change is good before and after photos? Follow us on FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pinterest, and Instagram to make sure you don’t a single one!

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