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Celebrity Eating Disorders: Nicole Scherzinger & Kristen Haglund

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Sometimes addicts are exposed by not what they put into their body, but what they withhold from it. Bulimia and anorexia nervosa are two weight related eating disorders that can fall easily into a category that includes addiction. Many celebrities that have traditionally struggled with either substance abuse or alcoholism can often succumb to an eating disorder. Bulimia, while arguably an outlier when it comes to being classified as substance dependence, does fits neatly with some abnormal behaviors like Internet use disorder. Another aberrant behavior, self-harming, is also an affliction suffered by many people. A notable starlett recently confessed to struggling with both harmful obsessions listed above, also adding her case to the growing list of celebrity eating disorders.

Celebrity Eating Disorders

Musician and entertainer Nicole Scherzinger, currently a judge on the X-Factor UK television show and formerly of the music group Pussycat Dolls, recently said “Bulimia was my addiction” and that she was also addicted to self harm. This may not come as a surprise to those of us who follow the long train of celebrities enslaved to one substance or another. What it should do is validate that abuse can happen with or without using drugs. It should also raise awareness to the numerous ways one can become dangerously enslaved to a substance or action.

Reading articles like the Nicole Scherzinger bulimia story can be initially disparaging, but know that admission is the first step in acknowledging the need for help. Arguably, the most effective addiction treatment programs are dual diagnosis; the physicians and psychiatrists work to uncover physical dependencies as well as mental health disorders. From the following diagnoses, these medical professionals take the appropriate course of action from there. If you have a one of these concerns, you are not alone. There are plenty of frequently asked questions that treatment facilities field to help you think through the different issues and nuances of recovery of any sort.

Along with Nicole Scherzinger, the former 2008 Miss America, Kristen Haglund, recently admitted to struggling with anorexia in her early teens, and her parents helped her get into a rehab facility. This decision turned out to be a blessing for everyone; now Haglund uses her platform to speak at schools and colleges on the reality and dangers of eating disorders. Again, an important point about Haglund’s story is that she was so young (12 years old) when she started to struggle with her eating disorder. These types of abusive afflictions happen to people of all ages and backgrounds. We are thankful people who have celebrity status use their voices to raise awareness through their humility and examples.

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