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Celebrity Addicts Playing Party Roles | Bradley Cooper

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Drug addiction, alcoholism, and partying are not uncommon when it comes to the Hollywood scene, but we are starting to notice more and more that niether is recovery uncommon. Let’s look at some of the more famous examples of alcoholics and addicts in recovery that are still starring in the spotlight. First, in the world of actors, men like Robert Downey Jr., Bradley Cooper, Russell Brand and a whole slew of others continue to hone their craft while publicly abstaining from the common lifestyle recreational drinking or drug use. Downey Jr. turned his life around in 2002, and has reportedly not fallen back off the wagon. His acting career surged forward exponentially in the last several years, with the Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes franchises grossing millions. Downey’s characters don’t necessarily reflect the type of person he was in reality, but some actors don’t shy from taking those roles either.

Celebrity Addicts

Bradley Cooper, another Hollywood leading man, has also been enjoying a career which continues to ascend to heights of success. He recently attributed this fortune to his abstinence from drugs and alcohol. He relates a compelling anecdote of a younger and out of control Bradley, who drank himself into a hospital after repeatedly bashing his own head on a concrete floor. The moment of clarity that followed convinced Cooper to quit the booze in order to reach a full potential. He does, however, continue to work within roles that belie his sobriety and recovery.

Cooper is arguably best known for his role of Phil in the Hangover movie franchise. The movies’ basic premise include various drunken escapades and drugged out adventures. Though some may not agree with the choice Cooper made in taking the role, he reportedly is maintaining his sobriety while still working. Cooper also played a nootropic (mental ehancement) drug user in Limitless.  This is arguably the actor’s greatest strength: to play the role which is most unlike their actual personality. Cooper certainly does this well! Our other example, Russell Brand, has risen to great popularity in recent years with hit comedies. Brand has publicly admitted to heavy heroin and alcohol use and, enjoyed intermittent sobriety in the past, and is now reportedly in active recovery.

Help in Transitioning Back to Work

For other people in recovery, it can be difficult integrating back into their old environment; often the same environment where they were in active addiction. Professional treatment centers and rehabs offer tools to equip people to cope with triggers and re-enter life. Residential treatment, partial hospitalization and Intensive outpatient programs, and halfway houses help make the recovering addict or alcoholic’s transition back into society much smoother and more manageable. A recovering drug addict or alcoholic will to learn to live in sometimes the same place they did when they were using. While external things may not change, the most important part is the internal, which may change the external anyway.

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