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Celebrities On Drugs: Drew Barrymore’s Past Catches Up With Her

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When you hear of celebrities on drugs, what names come to your mind first?  You may think of Lindsey Lohan, Shia LaBeouf, or even Indio Falconer, but what about Drew Barrymore or even her half-sister, Jessica Barrymore?  Drew Barrymore, who battled her own addiction problem in the past, had a devastating reminder of what drugs can ultimately do to a person if untreated. Jessica Barrymore was found dead from a suspected drug overdose.

Past Haunts Former Celebrities On Drugs

Half-Sister of Barrymore Found Dead

Jessica Barrymore, half-sister to Drew, was found on Tuesday, July 29th,  dead in her vehicle in National City, California.  Her body was discovered around six in the morning by a citizen who spotted the car in the way of another vehicle.  The citizen had not realized Jessica was dead until he had approached her car, got no response from her, and ultimately, saw “dozens of white pills” spread throughout the vehicle.  This was when the citizen was prompted to immediately notify police.  Upon officials confirming the 47-year-old’s death, Drew heard of the tragic news.  Being nearly a decade younger than Jessica, Drew mentioned she only encountered her half-sister “briefly” throughout her life.  Formerly being one of the celebrities on drugs, Drew commented on the untimely death, “I wish her and her loved ones as much peace as possible and I’m so incredibly sorry for their loss.”  Little details have been revealed and an autopsy has not yet been discussed.

UPDATE – 8/29: Jessica’s autoposy proved her cause of death to be caused by accidental overdose of a lethal reaction from alcohol, methamphetamine, methadone, tramadol, and nordiazepam.  She was just two days shy of her birthday when she died and would have turned 48.

Drew Barrymore: Addiction Backstory

Having a history of drug addiction herself, Drew’s past has popped up in the news on more than just on a few occasions.  Along with rising to fame in the movie ET, her childhood consisted of consuming alcohol at nine years old, smoking marijuana at ten, and abusing cocaine at twelve.  This was followed by her mother sending her to a rehabilitation treatment center specified for addicts of higher class.  After 12 days in treatment, Drew decided to opt out in order to star in the film, Far from Home.  Like many celebrities on drugs, she reverted back to using cocaine just prior to having near three months clean.  Shortly after stealing from her mother, fleeing the state, and self-mutilating, Drew was brought back to rehab at the age of 14, where she stayed for several months.  Unlike most celebrities on drugs, Drew has stated that she has not abused drugs since, with the exception of drinking alcohol.  She was quoted in 2009 as saying, “I’m not [sober] and I don’t claim to be – quite the opposite.  I’ve tried to find the balance.  I hope it’s balanced.”  Though her journey is her own, many people may argue it’s unorthodox, as alcohol is a drug and addicts cannot afford to be confused about this.

Cameron Diaz Offended By Comment on Barrymore’s Addiction

For anyone unaware, Cameron Diaz has a very close friendship with former co-star Drew.  This was something that was perhaps unknown to or flat-out overlooked by the Australian interviewer Kyle Sandilands of The Kyle and Jackie O Show on the radio.  Diaz was polite in conversation on the show as she mentioned Giselle Eisenberg, a young co-star she had worked with, until matters got a tad more personal than she had anticipated.  It began with Sandilands stating how much Giselle resembled a young Drew.  Diaz had an agreeing response, “She does now that you mention it, and she’s as bright and lively as Drew is as well.”  It became offensive when Sandilands added, “Let’s hope she misses out on the Drew Barrymore drug years, because those were a great thing to watch, but not so good to be in, I’d imagine.”  With a comment like this penalizing Drew for having been one of the celebrities on drugs, it is no wonder Diaz became displeased, to say the least.

A great thing to watch? Did an alleged professional man really use this phrase when talking about a human being suffering from a disease at such a young age nonetheless?  It seems a little absurd for someone to make such a statement, not just about celebrities on drugs, but all people – because addiction is just that – a disease.  You don’t hear anyone making statements like that about other diseases, like lupus. The stigma of being an addict needs to change.  Thankfully, Diaz stood up not just for Drew but for all suffering and recovering addicts alike with the perfect response, “I’m sure you’ve never been through it…I’m sure Kyle [Sandilands], you’ve never been through a drug phase or alcoholism… anything like that… pretty clean, always get it right.”  She went so much as to end the interview moments after, “We’re having to go now, sorry.”  Sandilands’ partner of the show tried to control the abrupt end of the interview, “Good one Kyle… you ruined that interview… you went there.”

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