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CC Sabathia Rehab: ‘There was no other option for me’

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Drug and alcohol addictions don’t discriminate and they don’t play favorites. Addiction can happen to anyone. But it’s when they happen to those with boldfaced names that America pays attention. CC Sabathia is the New York Yankees left handed pitcher. Just before the team entered playoffs, he announced that he would be entering rehab to help with his addiction to alcohol.

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CC Sabathia Rehab Experience


On the last day of baseball’s regular season, CC Sabathia wakes up in his room at the Baltimore Four Seasons and recognizes that he has a problem. “I woke up on that Sunday and was like, ‘I can’t do this no more,’” Sabathia said in an interview with the Daily News. “I came in on Sunday and felt like I needed to get some help. I know it was bad timing, but I felt if I didn’t tell somebody then, I would have been in real trouble.” Letting managers, coaches and the team know was difficult, but a huge weight off of his shoulders. CC decided that he would go to rehab that very next day. He said, “I know if I wait, I’m not going to go.”

Going Public

CC finally felt comfortable going public with his battle. He didn’t want to hide the truth anymore. “I would have been in rehab the whole time worried about who knows, this and that, what’s getting out,” he said. “I was tired of being in the dark about it, hiding about it. I had dealt with it from the end of 2012 all the way up until that point. It was exhausting. That was more exhausting than actually drinking trying to hide the drinking.”

Alcohol Addiction

Back in 2012 is when CC recognized that he had a problem with drinking. Though his binges weren’t often, they were serious. “I kind of admitted that I was an alcoholic. I would put two or three months together being sober, but I would get on the road and when nobody was looking, I would isolate myself and just start drinking. Kind of binge drinking where I was going for a while weekend.”

That’s exactly what happened to him that weekend in Baltimore, when he’d finally had enough and made the decision to go to rehab. He said that previously it was always his wife, his mom and everybody else who wanted him to get help, but that Sunday morning it was the first time he actually felt that he wanted to stop.

Get Help

Making the decision to get help to combat addiction is one that only you can make for yourself. Don’t make any more excuses to get the help you need. Take the first step to stop your drug or alcohol addiction today. Call The Watershed or visit us online. We’re here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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