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Cat Marnell: Addiction in the Camera’s Eye

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Public attention towards celebrity breakdowns, due to drug and alcohol addictions, is becoming a more commonplace in our society today. The media’s vast coverage and scrutiny of famous people from actors to musicians to politicians is not disputed. People are mesmerized by public and self-inflicted tragedies. An interesting example of this is Cat Marnell.

Pop Culture and Drug Abuse

Cat Marnell self-admittedly is a drug addict, and after losing her last job as a beauty blogger has invested her time in documenting her lifestyle via various social media outlets. And most peculiarly, people seem to love it. The internet traffic surrounding Marnell has increased substantially since her departure for beauty blogging to her divulgences of drug-induced depravity. This traffic seems to validate a public infatuation with tragedy. Even more interesting, Cat has transitioned vocationally to continue to write exclusively about her amphetamine fueled lifestyle. Her new column, for the web site, is appropriately called “Amphetamine Logic.”

Her social media outlets, like Twitter, reflect an engaged and growing audience. While Marnell’s burgeoning celebrity status is no doubt reaping rewards, a discerning eye would see the danger in Marnell’s message of carpe diem. Those who befriend Marnell, the impressionable and curious young men and women who follow her online and of course Marnell herself are treading dangerous waters. Drug and alcohol abuse is serious and the caution-less pursuit of addiction can have deleterious effects, even leading to death.

The Inevitable Fallout

One would assume that at some point, this can only end badly. One sad aside to this story is that Marnell claims that her addiction only hurts herself, not other people. How could she know if she did hurt anybody else? Some young woman following Marnell’s life and reading the articles could easily start using Adderall and other prescription amphetamines, overdose, and die, all in the pursuit of emulating a Cat Marnell or someone like her. Publicizing a lifestyle of drug abuse has negative affects on somebody.

Help is available for those willing to seek it, we at The Watershed have seen thousands addicts and alcoholics just like Cat recover. For Marnell, hope remains for a restored and sober life. As long as she is alive that is; any one of her prescription pill binges could be her last.

Written By: Rob S.

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