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CARP: Palm Beach County’s Drug Rehabilitation Center Closing

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CARP Inc., a well-known non-profit treatment center in Palm Beach County, FL, announced recently that it will be closing its doors for good.  CARP is one of the largest and longest operating, non-profit treatment facilities for homeless men and women who suffer from the disease of addiction, in Palm Beach County. This now raises huge concerns – where and how will addicts and alcoholics without the means for private treatment receive care?

CARP Center Closing

CARP’s closing is mainly due to budget cuts; in particular, a $3 million dollar cut from The Southeast Florida Behavioral Health Network. The drug rehabilitation center was declined funds after being unable to correct issues regarding patient safety, medication administration, and discrepancies in billing practices.  After multiple failed attempts over the last year to mend these issues, the facility has made the final decision to close down.  “We want to try to work with our agencies to bring them into compliance and make sure they are providing service, and the only reason we are doing this is because they are not in compliance,” explained the Southeast Florida Behavioral Health Network official, Becky Walker.

What happens next?

Closing a large facility like CARP needs to be handled carefully.  Board treasurer, Kelly Landers, explained, “The detox will stay open until the middle of March, but we will eventually sell to a private company.”  The news of CARP’s sudden shut down has angered and upset many patients’ families.  “You cannot just kick a person out on the streets,” exclaimed Patricia Sauls, who openly discussed that her brother was being treated for a drug addiction at CARP.  “What are they going to do?  These guys need to be in another program.”  Handling patients and moving them over deserves to be prioritized.  As part of the patient’s treatment care rights, it should be expected that they receive adequate and fair quality care.  This would include having a caring and compassionate staff that is willing to be there to transfer them in the event that the facility is shutting down. With CARP’s closing, the main focus has shifted to now getting patients to a safe location.  “It is hard, but it can be done. The programs [patients] are being transferred to are good programs,” reassured Walker.

Hopefully current patients will be helped in finding treatment elsewhere so that they can continue on their path of recovery from drugs and alcohol.

If you are suffering from the disease of addiction and need help locating a facility, The Watershed’s resource center can help locate a treatment option that will work best to fit your needs. Please contact us today for more information. 1-800-861-1768.

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