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Careers In Sobriety: Gingerbread Lattes & Peppermint Mochas

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The fall season is moving quickly to the holidays, and if you are a specialty coffee connoisseur you are beginning to trade in pumpkin spice lattes for gingerbread lattes and peppermint mochas. Facilitating a caffeine addiction aside, coffee shops are great places for people in early recovery. Coffee shops are perfect for either enjoying sober time with other recovering addicts and alcoholics, or even to work at. A coffee server, or barista, can be considered a great sober job for people in early recovery. I have never had the privilege to pour holiday treats like gingerbread lattes and peppermint mochas, but I had several friends who worked as baristas in their early season of sobriety.

Careers In Sobriety

In the first few months of early recovery, a fundamental shift has to occur towards career development. All the old thoughts, patterns, and modes of operating may be tinged with self-oriented tendencies and a new work ethic needs to be established. For those people who leave old careers and places of employment for various reasons, menial jobs are great opportunities to humble yourself and introduce fundamental success strategies in preparation for a life devoid of drug or alcohol addiction. Stress levels will be higher as you adjust to not being high at all, so why not reduce one stressor by working a job that affords little administrative responsibility and forces you to incorporate fundamental workplace ethics? You will not only be detoxing your body from poisonous toxins from substance abuse, but you will be re-adjusting and re-acclimating yourself with some basic tenants of “normal” life.

Helping Others

For example, a few months after rehab, I was hired as a carpenter for a roofing tile manufacturing company. My first responsibilities included actually learning to use carpentry tools to build various length rectangle wood skids for the steel tile sheets to sit on to be transferred. It was a good challenge in the slowly evaporating haze of my mind to manually labor while doing constant mathematical computations. Those simple activities that included physical exertion and basic but logical mental exercises helped me to think more clearly and work more diligently. All I had to worry about initially was to show up on time, and think about wooden rectangles all day. But embedded in that job was an ordinal sequence of tasks that forced me to think linearly and not how to score another fix. Even if gingerbread lattes and peppermint mochas are not your style, a simple service industry position can help you to humbly enter back into the job market and introduce fundamental work ethic practices. Or, you can always give back in recovery by working to help others find the help they need to be free of drug addiction or alcohol dependencies.

Written By: Watershed Rob

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