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Cannabis Energy Drink: Dangerous Like “Whatever”

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Cannabis Energy Drink has become more popular recently, as the fight to legalize marijuana continues across the U.S. Yep, you read that correctly. Marijuana and energy drink combined totally makes sense (sarcasm alert!). Cannabis Energy Drink states that they are unique because their beverage is combined with hemp seed extract, caffeine, taurine, and “a bunch of B vitamins.” But before all you stoners get stoked – there is no THC in the drink.

Cannabis Energy Drink

Energy drinks, although popular, are actually not good for your health.  According to a recent report from Brown University, energy drinks can increase heart rate, blood pressure, dehydrate the body, and prevent sleep. These combinations can also causes problems for those who have certain medical conditions, or for those who consume during exercise and/or in large quantities. Combining Cannabis Energy Drink and any other energy drinks with alcohol is also very dangerous and the FDA even warns against it.

Cannabis Energy Drink Marketing Towards Teens & Young Adults

Although Cannabis Energy Drink states on their website that their product is, “Not suitable for children, diabetics, pregnant women or anyone sensitive to caffeine,” their marketing seems to suggest otherwise. Cannabis Energy Drink has slogans that clearly connect with young people: “swag like ‘whatever’”, “tempting like ‘whatever’”, and “refreshing like ‘whatever’”.  Let’s also not forget their animated video which promotes their product with bumping beats. In addition to using the word “cannabis” in the product label and placing a pot leaf on their cans, this company is doing their best to make weed appear to be cool.

Judging by their website and social media sites, it’s difficult to deny that Cannabis Energy Drink promotes marijuana use, naked women, sex, clubbing, and being cool at any cost. For a company that says their product is not suitable for children, they sure don’t seem to have a problem promoting this image of a child drinking a Cannabis Energy Drink on their social media sites.

Recovery from Drugs & Alcohol

Although not recommended to substitute caffeine for drug addiction and alcoholism, many addicts and alcoholics in early recovery may use these products because they no longer can use drugs or alcohol. Energy drink companies know that their main target audience is young adults and recovered addicts and alcoholics, so products like Cannabis Energy Drink can really pose a threat to someone who is early in recovery and could be a trigger to a relapse back to drugs and alcohol.

The reality is that energy drinks like Cannabis Energy Drink are not healthy for you whether you are a teen, adult, or recovered addict/alcoholic. If you want energy, you can get it the right way by getting enough sleep, exercise, taking your vitamins and eating healthy. There is no quick fix when it comes to building a healthy habit; it comes from change, dedication, work, time, and a willingness to change. You’re worth a healthy lifestyle.

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