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Broward County Drug Court Program: Recovered Addict Saves A Life

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Many addicts believe that, while in their addiction, they just don’t matter and they can’t get better. Some people even believe that forcing an addict into recovery through the Broward County Drug Court system is a waste of time because of the stigma associated with drug addicts.  One story is going to prove those theories wrong today. Forty-year-old Michael Clancy, a drug addict in recovery, became a local hero when he helped saved the life of a fellow motorist in Broward County, FL.

Clancy has been sober since his encounter with the Broward County Drug Court Program a little over 2 years ago. Instead of locking Clancy up for cocaine possession without a solution, the Judge offered him an option to attend Broward County’s Post-Adjudicatory Drug Court Program. This wasn’t Clancy’s first run in with the law – it was his 21st. This new opportunity finally broke the vicious cycle that is addiction.

On Labor Day of last year on highway I-95 in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Phenise Louis, 27, was in an accident that flipped her 1999 Honda into a ditch, landing on its roof.  Michael Clancy was one of four men who helped to lift the overturned car, which was stuck in wet mud, to help free Louis and save her life.

Clancy’s heroic actions speak volumes about the success of the Broward County Drug Court Program, proving once again that addicts can change and they do recover. As Clancy put it, “People can change, including people that have been to prison a few times. I just thank God for the opportunity to help that lady.”


Broward County Drug Court Program’s Goal: Helping Addicts

The ultimate goal of the Broward County Drug Court Program is to help offenders become drug-free long-term so that they may become productive members of society, saving the state from wasting money, and preventing crime, sickness, and broken communities. The facts are simple: addiction is a disease, and without treatment, the drug abuser is doomed to repeat the vicious cycle of drugging until they are treated for their disease. Locking an addict up and hoping that they won’t use again is just costing our state more money, setting the addict up for failure, and not fixing the problem.

The sad truth is, if you are an addict and caught with illegal drugs, you are most likely going to get arrested and not given help.  Addicts are essentially being punished for having a deadly disease. We sometimes wonder why addicts don’t even have faith in themselves to ask for help. But in reality, as a society we perpetuate the cycle of addiction when we don’t even show that we have faith in addicts getting better in the first place. Addiction is essentially frowned upon by our society, and more addicts are not getting help because of this stigma.  If more places had drug courts like Broward County’s Drug Court Program, we might see drug arrests drop and people actually start living their lives in recovery. The more people who recover from addiction, the better our community will be. Nobody should have to suffer from drug addiction alone and if you need help for you or your loved one, call us today at 1-800-861-1768. You are not alone and you can recover!


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