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Bridge To Terabithia: Keep Your Mind Wide Open

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This morning I woke up like any other morning, or so I thought, little did I know that I would be reminded by my beautiful daughter Abigail that it’s the little things that matter.

First, the alarm goes off, now keep in mind I did not re-set any of my clocks for the time change yet. Oh I have this theory, which is pure silliness on my part, that if I get going earlier in the am, maybe I can get more done. It’s like tricking my brain into being more productive with my time.

So, first my alarm rings at 4:00am (I usually wake up at 5:00 am) and I hit snooze, because I remember at that moment I really do have another hour to chill before the morning race begins. Eventually, my little dog Lulu is “pawing” at me and licking my hand to get up and feed her. Lulu is always so happy to see me and the kids; she trots off to the kitchen with me and watches with anticipation as I prepare her breakfast and my morning cup of coffee. My little furry family member, Lulu, always shows us unconditional love no matter how tough the day has been.

Well, so I think, I still have time: I start my day by thanking God for another sober day with my family, friends and loved ones, I do my morning meditation, I exercise, yoga if there is time and stretch. I set my intentions for the day. I read my daily recovery readings; and I peruse numerous social media sites and news sites in preparation for my day. I put mental notes on the articles that inspired me and ones that I think could help others. Thoughts of “Take care of the laundry,” “Take out the trash,” “Clean up the kitchen,” “ Make breakfast for the kids,” “Wake and dress the kids,” and “shower” begin to flood my mind. So, I start to prepare breakfast for the kids, I look at the clock in the kitchen and panic…its 7:15 am! What! Where did all my time go? Now my mood quickly changed, racing thoughts of having to get the kids prepared and ready for school on time, while also having to bare the morning commute and get myself to work on time. Ugh!

I go to my son’s room first with Lulu running in with me. “Gavin, hurry up, mom is running late, its 7:15 rise and shine.” He jumps up and is ready in like 5 minutes. He does not like to be late at all. Abigail on the other hand, loves to take her time. I go in several times to wake her, racing back to the kitchen, with Lulu at my feet still trying to finish the breakfast preparations. Finally Abigail is awake and moving. I run back to my room to finish getting dressed; the alarm clock reads 7:45 am, the school bell rings at 7:50 am. Yikes! I continue to hustle getting ready and take another look at the time, I glance at my computer clock; it reads 6:45 am. Wait, what? Oh no, because I never turned my clocks back and was so caught up in my morning routine, I had forgotten all about the time change.

Breathe Lisa, just breathe I tell myself and I let out a sigh of relief. I went out and apologized to my kids and they were ecstatic! I told them mom is going to finish getting ready and to relax. A few minutes later my son asks if he and his sister can go out and run around the house a few times. They are so funny, I said as long as you put your jackets on. So off they went excited that they had about 45 minutes to just play.

Later, I as I head into the kitchen, I see that Abigail is busy creating something. She asks me for glue, I tell her where it is and that I can’t get it for her right now, we can get it tonight. She persists, so I give in and get the Elmer’s glue for her. I see black electrical tape on the counter, scissors, glitter and doll clothes. Now time is really ticking away for me, so I quickly run back to get my work clothes on. Abigail comes back into my room and says, “Mom, look, this is “Piney.” I made her; she was the only pine cone I could find in the yard this morning.” “Isn’t she cute?”

At that moment, seeing her so excited to show me what she just created, I had to pause. I let go of the chaos of the race of the morning. My daughter and son are doing exactly what I yearn to do everyday. They are living in the moment and enjoying it. From a simple pine cone my daughter took the time to create a beautiful little character named, lovingly “Piney.” She was so proud of her! I was reminded of the book and movie Bridge to Terebithia, the moment when Leslie tells Jess “Just close your eyes, and keep your mind wide open.” This is one of our favorite movies; it is filled with imagination, hope and inspiration. After we saw this movie, Abbey, Gavin and I would pretend at bed time that our minds were wide open and I would tell them stories about magical animals and lands inspiring them and myself to keep believing.

Life can be so amazing if we allow it to be! My daughter opened my mind and heart to appreciate the moment and to never take life for granted. I am so grateful today for my children, my sobriety and the opportunity to give back what has been given to me.

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