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Officials Look To Ease Restrictions On Boynton Beach Rehab Facilities

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boynton-beach-rehab-facilitiesSouth Florida made the news recently when the city of Boynton Beach announced their intent to ease zoning restrictions so that more drug and alcohol recovery programs can work within city limits.

Boynton Beach Rehab Facilities

There is a high demand for drug and alcohol recovery programs in our nation, and South Florida is a hot spot to get sober because it is one of the largest recovery communities in the nation. The stigma of addiction is slowly breaking down and more people are becoming aware of the desperate need to help addicts and alcoholics recover, rather than just locking them up and hoping they just stop using and drinking. Alcoholism and drug addiction is a disease and there is little hope for most addicts and alcoholics to recover on their own without proper treatment.

Boynton Beach Rehab Facilities: Impact of easing on restriction

This isn’t the first time treatment facility restrictions have been up for debate in the news. In November 2013, according to the Sun Sentinel, Deerfield Beach pushed to have drug and alcohol recovery programs kept out of particular neighborhoods. This started a heated legal debate, because it broke the Americans With Disabilities Act and the Fair Housing Act. In the case with Deerfield Beach, the restrictions were intended to stop facilities from being built in prestigious areas designated for commercial business and residency as part of an initiative to clean up the community. This outraged the addiction treatment industry because of how limited they were.

In an effort to avoid this same debate, Boynton Beach is considering easing their zoning restrictions to allow for more 24/7 treatment programs to be built.“We were looking at zoning laws and it’s pretty restricted to a hospital, leaves no other place,” Boynton Beach Mayor Jerry Taylor commented on the matter, according to CBS News. “So, if you have that kind of service available it may limit the need for all these sober homes popping up in neighborhoods they’re not really liked.”  In other words, the proposed changes to zoning could benefit both residents and addicts alike, because if more drug and alcohol recovery programs can be put in place, then the result will be that a more manageable system for treatment is set in place.

Issues with sober homes in nearby cities

According to the Sun Sentinel, it was reported that in the past, there have been several ongoing issues with neighboring cities Delray Beach and Boca Raton, where it has been argued amongst locals that sober homes should not be allowed within certain perimeters of residential homes. These suits failed to pass muster and the city of Boca Raton owed $1 million to the court for breaking the Fair Housing Act. It should be noted, however, that these circumstances were fought on the premise of sober housing boundaries and not drug and alcohol recovery program zoning perimeters.

Since drug addiction and alcoholism is in many cases viewed as a moral issues and not a disease, many people may not understand the absolute need for treatment and rehabilitation. The drug and alcohol abuse problem is not going to go away on its own. We can’t keep ignoring the problem or locking up addicts and alcoholics who struggle to get clean and sober. If proper treatment was set in place for those seeking help, it could be the solution we have been desperately seeking to save our loved ones and ultimately our country from this epidemic.

Are you or someone you love struggling with a substance use disorder? Contact The Watershed today for more information on Boynton Beach rehab facilities. With locations in both Boynton Beach and Boca Raton, The Watershed is a leading addiction treatment facility that is fully equipped to help you or your loved one on the road to long-term recovery. Call today at. 1-800-861-1768 for help now.

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