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Boynton Beach, FL: 25 Overdoses, 2 Deaths, One Weekend

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boynton beach overdoseBoynton Beach, FL – According to the Boynton Beach Police Department, there were a total of 25 people who overdosed within four short days, between May 12-15, 2017. Many of them were found in hotels, homes, and shopping centers. Officials can’t say for certain, but they believe the majority of overdoses are linked to the opioid crisis this nation is currently fighting – heroin and fentanyl , specifically.

Boynton Beach Overdose Deadly

Out of the 25 people who overdosed, two have died. The deceased was a 38-year-old man who was found at 3638 Southeast First Street, and a 21-year-old man who was found at 710 Northeast Seventh Street, Apt 204, according to police.

Heroin Antidote, Nalaxone

The heroin overdose reversal drug, naloxone (commonly known as Narcan), plays a huge role in the lives that have been saved by Boynton Beach Fire Rescue, according to the Palm Beach Post. There have also been so many incidents involving overdoses in Boynton Beach, that the police department has currently run out of naloxone and is applying for more. One hundred heroin overdose reversal injectors were already given to the department via a grant from Kaleo Pharma, so the fact that they have run out of supply is pretty scary to say the least, and only goes to show how bad the heroin problem really is.

Palm Beach County’s Heroin Problem

Boynton Beach is not the only area being hit with overdoses – surrounding cities like Jupiter are also being impacted by the drug epidemic. Since 2014, an estimated 17 people have died from drug overdoses in Jupiter, according to the Jupiter Police. In addition, the Florida Medical Examiner Commissions’s annual interim report on drugs found on deceased people, stated that Palm Beach County is the leading county in the state when it comes to heroin related deaths. Many believe the reason is because of the fraudulent addiction treatment programs that have just started to be taken down most recently by the Sober Homes Task Force.

Safe Addiction Treatment Programs

Even though there are programs out there in Palm Beach County that are practicing illegal and unethical behaviors, The Watershed Addiction Treatment Programs, Inc. along with many other treatment providers, are still working hard to make sure that addicts and alcoholics get help. Please do not allow these bad centers to deter you or your loved one from getting treatment. We are licensed and accredited by the state and have been helping people find long-term recovery since 1998. We believe every addict and alcoholic deserves the chance to recover long-term. For more information about our program, or to help you find a safe program that works for your needs, please contact us at 1-800-861-1768. We want to make sure you are safe and you get the best treatment possible.

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