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Black Friday Shopaholics

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It seems that Christmas celebrations get earlier and earlier every year, and the Thanksgiving holiday becomes nothing more than a relegated segue. The day after Thanksgiving gets more and more attention as shoppers scramble to get the best deals on merchandise in preparation for the more weighty celebrations at the end of December. Black Friday 2012 will prove to be another example of frenzied spending, and it starts on Thursday night for some stores. Interestingly enough, in other parts of the world, the day after Turkey Thursday means different things and actually falls on different occasions. In the United Kingdom, for example, it is the last Friday before Christmas and signifies office parties and celebrations. In Cumbria, England, Black Eye Friday is so named for the increase in bar fights and other drunken skirmishes that break out in the midst of intoxicated celebrations. Along with the standard problems of alcohol consumption and probable long-term consequences, Black Friday shopaholics tend to surface on the day after all the turkey and cranberry sauce is consumed.

Are Shopaholics At Risk?

Shopping addictions are real, just like any other compulsive desire to pursue an adverse habit to the detriment of yourself or those around you. Retail stores and product manufactures don’t help this matter as they blitz the media with enticing ad campaigns guaranteed to sway the weak-willed bargain hunter. Black Friday shopaholics see advertisements that promise savings not even thought possible during the rest of the year.  These struggling addicts are then enabled to jettison self control, while justifying and rationalizing as simply the response of the savvy shopper or conscientious consumer. Substance abuse can have a myriad of symptoms and excessive, compulsive, impulsive and impetuous spending of money is a big one. Whether the money is spent on narcotics, alcohol, food, or even cars, all activities reflect a life style that is controlled by inordinate spending and irrational decision making.

Black Friday shopaholics are people with serious self-control issues that if not addressed, can spiral into their more well known permutations of alcoholism, drug abuser, or any other conspicuously adverse consumptive type of addiction. The paradox is that the day before, most of us are exercising the ability to expend energies in the employ of expressing gratitude. Having a sober outlook on life is a huge deterrent to indiscriminately spending money for the sake of bargain hunting, instead of expending effort to be a Black Friday shopaholic.

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